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Posted: Sunday the 8th November 2009 at 14:13

Nick Hornby

Hey guys!

What about Nick Hornby? I couldn't find a thread about him. (I know there's a book club, but first I don't know how to get a member and second I couldn't find a thread there, either.) So I thought I start a thread here.
What do you think about him?
Isn't he the best present english writer? Have you read books of him?
I've just finished "High fidelity". But I think it's not the best he's written. My favorite one is "Slam"...

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Posted: Tuesday the 10th November 2009 at 11:43

Haven't read any of his books, although I've seen the film versions of a few, and they were good, although not great.

A pretty useless and abitrary appraisal of Nick Hornby there, one notch above useless Happy

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