Flathunting: Ideal place to settle down?

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Posted: Sunday the 28th March 2010 at 14:01

Flathunting: Ideal place to settle down?

Hi there,

I am moving to London in May to start a new job. I will be working in Westminster and will be doing shift work. I would ideally like to live not too far away - or at least live where transport will be able to get me to or from Westminster at 05.30 in the morning and 22.00 at night!

My wage will be approx £26500 before tax. I will be sharing with someone else will be on less than me (around £19000 I think), so we will both be halving rent and living costs. Where would be the best place to settle nearby? I have been looking at flats online and although they give a good idea of the price differences in each area, I'm not entirely sure which areas I should seek out/avoid. As I say I'd ideally like to be within commuting distance where I could get bus/train/tube in the early or late hours, or even be an hour or so walk of Victoria or Westminster if possible.

Also, a one bedroom flat would be enough but I don't fancy a studio flat Happy
Thanks in advance for your advice, it would be a huge weight off my mind as I'm completely clueless!

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Posted: Sunday the 28th March 2010 at 14:46

The first area that I think of is Clapham. Which is a kind of bustling place to live with easy and regular rail, tube and bus links into Westminster.


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