Going out in September

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Posted: Thursday the 20th July 2006 at 23:11

Going out in September

hey there. :]

in september three friends and i are going to london for the weekend (fri-sun). on the saturday we've decided to visit london aquarium in the day, and at night we're going to see brand new live, so that's all sorted.. but we're a bit stuck for things to do on friday.

we're looking for things to do from about 3-4pm, so this would include any resteraunts worth mentioning.. though we'll probably end up dining at good ol' pizza hut, lol.

the dilemma we have, is that i'm not quite 18. despite my 18th birthday being in september, sods law the weekend we're going is two weeks before my birthday, so i won't have any ID. the other three are all 20, so there's no problem there.
of course we have the choices of cinema or bowling, etc, but to be honest i was looking for something a bit different - something that you couldn't do on just any old day of the week in any old town. lol.

so basically what i'm looking for is:

1. ideas for things to do or places to go that are a bit unique, that we can do in the evening on a friday and that don't cost too much.


2. recommendations of bars/clubs (especially indie ones) that aren't as likely to ID.

also looking for recommendations of nice (and cheap) resteraunts in central london.

thanks alot. :]

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Posted: Thursday the 24th August 2006 at 17:31

There's loads to do & see along the Thames from the London Eye & Aquarium, The Tate Gallery is a good place to hang with friends and Gabriel's Wharf is a nice area, very nice atmosphere at night. I think the Founder's pub will let you in, and if it's a nice night, you can have a glass while watching the world go by outside.

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