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London Ladies Social
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Posted: Thursday the 30th December 2010 at 11:59

Girls Only Social Group

London Ladies Social

Hello to all you fab ladies; the London Ladies Social is a great place to make new friends, socialise and enjoy this wonderfully diverse city!

From girls nights out to Sunday pub lunch; day trips, picnics and everything in-between you’ll be spoilt as a member and keeping company with a lovely, friendly bunch of girlies.

Feel free to suggest ideas for events; participate in as many events as you like and if you’re interested in organising your own give it a go.

We're ideal if you're new to London, especially if you don't really know anyone here and want to start making new friends. Or maybe a lot of your current friendships are not as social as they used to be, settled down or moved away and your social life needs a bit of a kick start?

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