TOPIC: PLEASE can you help: Camden, London area dog needs temp. foster

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Posted: Sunday the 19th June 2011 at 12:22

TOPIC: PLEASE can you help: Camden, London area dog needs temp. foster

Milo, 7yr Jack Russel needs your help

Dee, an OAP with mobility problems is being assessed for emergency council accommodation and is in a temporary half way house which isn't dog friendly.

She has two beloved dogs Rosie and Milo and at night she had been locking herself in the car with them if she could find no one to take them for sleepovers. Rosie now has a temporary foster home but the difficulty lies with Milo

Milo, seven year old Jack Russell. He has a fast growing lump and needs a biopsy and very probably ongoing treatment. He is registered with the PDSA in Hendon and they are doing a grand job.

Dee would love to find a local person in Camden to foster Milo as she is very worried about him and wants to be there for every vet appointments in Hendon as she is obviously fearing the worst. These dogs are Dee's entire world.

Tailwaggers Club Trust has set up an emergency fund and if we need the services of a local dog sitter for this period then I think this could be used as temporary stop gap if we can find a dog sitter able to fit around Dee's needs.

However, if we could find someone close and flexible enough to get Milo to Dee for vet appointments and support them through this it would be a massive weight of her mind and well mine as well as I'd love to hear its resolved as I do worry about this lady!

Dee's life is in turmoil at the moment but Milo and Rosie are everything to her and are lovely dogs. She has tried all the usual charity channels but if anyone has any special connections or knows of a kind soul in Camden that maybe having a dogless period and enjoy making a massive difference to two lives, please do pass them this message.

To read more on this story please visit or if you have any queries please contact Beverley Cuddy (editor Dogs Today) directly by emailing

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Posted: Sunday the 19th June 2011 at 23:16

I wish I was in Camden and could help.. hope someone else volunteers asap Shout

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