The new money health check

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Posted: Tuesday the 20th September 2011 at 10:17

The new money health check

Hi all.

The Money Advice Service (formerly part of the Financial Services Authority) launched its latest money advice tool called the health check at the beginning of June 2011. The health check provides those who complete it with an action plan listing short and long-term actions to take to try and improve your financial circumstances.

It is simple to use, takes only a few minutes to complete it and it could make a real difference to you and your family’s future financial wellbeing. You are not required to provide personal information such as name or address etc, but you do need to answer just a few questions to provide it with your current financial status. It will then determine the most appropriate actions that need to be taken.

Please give it a go using the link below (copy and paste into your e-browser):

If you find this helpful for you, then it will be just as helpful for your family, friends and work colleagues, so please let them know it is there to be used. And if your friends or colleagues would be interested making their employer aware of this new tool, they can contact us on

I am the Regional Delivery Manager at the service responsible for North and East London.

The Money Advice Service is a Govt backed body that provides people across the UK with free independent and unbiased money advice and information. It is trying to help people make the right choices with their hard earned money. Visit their website for more background information:

We hope this health check does help you.

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