Calling all Artists!!

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Posted: Monday the 3rd October 2011 at 15:12

Calling all Artists!!

I would like to invite you to enter a one of a kind competition; to design a print for our amazing WAXX Underwear brand!! WAXX Underwear is men’s and ladies designer underwear with unique and individual prints. At WAXX we are always looking for new and innovative graphic designs to be showcased through our underwear brand. We at WAXX are looking for a promising artist to design a new print to go into our next available collection. This winning print will be:-

• Produced as part of our next available collection
• Worn by celebrities
• Showcased in publications
• Sold worldwide
• Sold on our Waxx UK website

This is a unique opportunity and is a medium one would not often think of using to get your name out there into the public domain. We are welcoming all different kinds of designers to enter the competition from photographers, graphic designers, artists to graffiti artists. The winner will be credited in the name of the design.

The competition opens on the 1st of October. You can find out more information on the waxx facebook page at .

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Posted: Tuesday the 4th October 2011 at 00:47

I'll be honest, I'm going to check this out

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