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Posted: Monday the 7th December 2015 at 11:26

Looking for participants

Is there anyone in their 20s who would be interested in participating in a TV programme for the BBC. Filming will be at a location in Soho London on the 10th December, roughly between 8am – 6pm. This means you would need to be available for the whole day.

The show will be asking what an aphrodisiac is and if certain foods can really increase sexual desire. We will explain this by conducting a mini experiment where we pit two aphrodisiacs against each other. At the moment these are pomegranate juice and ginseng tea.

We will have two groups, each with a male and female volunteer. One group will be given one aphrodisiac and the other group the other. Their libido will be monitored: heart rate, temperature, electrodermal activity amongst other things. Two models (the stimulus), one male and one female will be used to test the aphrodisiac’s effect.

The heart rate, temperature and electrodermal measurements will be taken three times:
Baseline no stimulus, stimulus (model), stimulus + aphrodisasic.

It will be presented by Professor Alice Roberts and aired in February. The show is currently being called The Food Detectives/ Eat Smart.

If you are interested could you please send a reply to:


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