Group outings in London

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Posted: Saturday the 2nd July 2005 at 19:55

Group outings in London

I am bringing a group of people to London in November to watch the Lord Mayors show. We arrive in London on the Friday afternoon the group comprises 22 young people ages 5 to 16 and then 10 adults or young people aged 16 plus. What can you do in London on an evening that is relatively cheap. We need to find restaurants for both Friday and Saturday evening. We hope to book on the london eye for late friday afternoon, we have saturday and sunday daytime itinery so can you help with the evenings.

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Posted: Monday the 4th July 2005 at 11:20

Hi there BKC,

So your group consists of 32 people? For cheap restaurants I'd suggest places like Garfunkels, they do lots of meals kids will like and they're not too expensive.

For evening entertainment try the Trocadero on Piccadilly Circus for the young people, they have ten pin bowling and lots of arcade games. Kids would stay entertained in there for hours.

The cinema's on Leicester Square are always a good option, they're not cheap though, around £10 per adult.

Hope that helps a bit,

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Posted: Thursday the 1st September 2005 at 10:55

Yep, I'd agree with Mogwai... ten-pin bowling's always a really good option, and it's good value.
You'll have to book it though a it's always busy.

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