Going to Turnmills on 22nd july

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Posted: Tuesday the 5th July 2005 at 23:31

Going to Turnmills on 22nd july

Hi all,
Im visiting a friend in buckinghamshire and we are taking a trip into London and going to Turnmills. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any good bars around that area or close to the area as we'll be wanting to go for one or two drinks before we go!

Many thanks

All In London
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Posted: Wednesday the 6th July 2005 at 16:41

Hello Jenks,

Welcome to The Knowledge

There are lots of great bars around that part of London. Personal favourite is


Have a look here for more:

Have a great night out in London,

All the best,
The All In London Team

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Posted: Saturday the 9th July 2005 at 11:33

Thats really useful, many thanks.

Olly Wetzig
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Posted: Friday the 15th July 2005 at 17:57

Hi there,

There are a few wicked bars aroung Turnmills, try these...

Cozy little place just up the road (on the same side) as Turnmills.

The Clerkenwell
I love this bar. They do amazing food thanks to a small, and rather amusing, Italian chef. There is a real good atmosphere in there on Fridays.

This is actually the bar on top of turnmills and if it's warm the punters spill outside. This can sometimes be a real good laugh as most people there often go on to the club afterwards.

Hope this helps. For all your club adn bar listings and general music lifestyle stuff see Notion mag available at WH Smiths or subscribe online at www.notionmag.com

Have a good one!

Olly x Wink

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