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Posted: Wednesday the 6th July 2005 at 17:17


It's my 20th birthday on 23rd July, and I wanna do something AMAZING! I wanna know what everyone thinks is a great birthday treat, day, evening, eating, drinking, whatever! It must be in London and it must be legal! But otherwise, give me your thoughts!

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th July 2005 at 14:17

Well I have a great idea that you could do. I recently came over from America with 30 of my friends and it was one of their birthdays so we hit the internet and found this site They helped set up the whole night of guestlists VIP's and drink specials all night and all for free. They are a bunch of cool guys you should defiantly check out the website and email Andrew if you want a free crazy night out on the WEST END of London. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th July 2005 at 16:56

Hi there sophiestar,

Welcome to The Knowledge

Thanks for your post Azdchi.

Here's some of the things we think you should do:

Option 1
Feeling Dizzy -> Eating -> Drinking -> Dancing -> Feeling Dizzy

1. Go on the London Eye
2. Go to a top restaurant
3. Finish the day off at one of London's top clubs

Option 2
Nice meal -> Watch a show -> Stay over in the city in Luxury

1. Go to a restaurant
2. Take in a show in the West End
3. Stay at one of London's top hotels

Option 3
Makeover -> Eating -> Clubbing

1. Have a makeover with some friends
2. Go to a restaurant
3. End the night at one of London's top clubs

Also, have a look at the Buy a Gift website for experiences in London.

Hope that helps,
The All In London Team

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