Staying in London cheap

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Posted: Friday the 8th July 2005 at 21:45

Staying in London cheap

hey.I am 18 and I visited london about a year ago and had an amazing time and have thought about going back ever since I left. However, the last time I went I was witih a big group and we got a really good deal on a hotel room. I dont have a lot of money and I want to stay somewhere EXTREMELY cheap. I heard somthin about hostiles* but i dont think i really understand the idea behind them. So i was just hoping for some tips of how to stay somewhere for cheap. It wouldnt have to be nice at all basically its just a place to leave my stuff be4cause I'll always be out.

Thank you, Nick

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Posted: Sunday the 10th July 2005 at 12:32

Hi there,

Ashlee house is right by Kings X and is cheap and cheerful - about £15 a night in a dorm i think.

Hope it goes well!

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