What to do with six young women?

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Posted: Saturday the 9th July 2005 at 02:14

What to do with six young women?

I've messed up (again), I've arranged to take six girls out, all on the same night (Sat 9th). Don't ask! Any good suggestions for the seven of us? They're aged 20-24 and I'm over the hill.

Victoria Barnett
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Posted: Friday the 29th July 2005 at 18:13

Take them to ministry of sound, the club is far too big to run into the same person twice

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Posted: Monday the 1st August 2005 at 14:21

Uuummmm geek boy! I think it would be wise to plan a girl for one night per wk. Even if you dont want to settle down, you just want a girlfriend. What you do is monday nit(stay home watch a dvd)with one girl.

Tuesday Nite: cook the tuesday mistress a feast, bottle of wine and if you got the charm youre on

Weddesday: take mistress wednesday out for tea. Normally the really hot ones you would spend more money on.

Thursday: Well you can make up thursday seeing as i have ideas for all the other days!

Friday: Lets go have a few drinks, nice lounge bar, good music, NO MOBILE PHONE, with the friday mistress

Sat: Lets choose the fun and 'what ever goes' chick for some raging.

Then Sunday: you'd be tired so you choose the girl who you'd think wants a relationship and will not give up on the first night. so you can cuddle and re-coup from the night before.

Now to hold off seeing the dated girls till all have been lets say 'interviewed'

say after the date and if she thinks youre not a loser and wants to see you again"

look i really like you. but what i want to do is focus on a few things...nothin bad just with work and family, before i start seeing someone. It's weird cause i never really am like this with girls i have only just met,

How bout we do this again next monday night then i should be free.

- not the best excuse but it can work if they like ya -

Then you get to see all 7 girls decide which one you want or if you got a brain Pimp those B&*#^


'ITS ALL ABOUT WORDING AND HOW YOU SAY IT.' and yes there is a way out of everything.

But you'd be stuffed if by the slim chance.....one girl read this email reply.


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Posted: Monday the 1st August 2005 at 22:14

imrpress them all with an evening out in our luxury fire engine limousine.

More details and photos can be found at www.Hot-Hire.co.uk

Many thanks

Jo Thatcher

Cool Dude

Victoria Barnett
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Posted: Tuesday the 2nd August 2005 at 11:21

Ok now there is some BLATENT advertising if I ever saw it

All In London
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Posted: Tuesday the 2nd August 2005 at 11:34

Hi victoria,

Although that post does appear to be advertising it's related to the thread. Our T's&C's say:

"Please do not make overly promotional posts. The Knowledge is here to provide a Q and A forum and general discussion for our users, it is not a vehicle for promotion. We will accept promotional posts where the content is relevant and helpful. Our moderators will decide what is acceptable."

We will generally remove topics that are started by people advertising products or websites. If the advertising is relevant to the question we'll leave it. The exception to this is the noticeboard where we usually allow people to advertise London based services.

Hope you're enjoying the better weather today, we are Happy

All In London Team

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Posted: Tuesday the 2nd August 2005 at 11:55

Joycey, great post Happy

I'm not sure that's what they were asking for but I enjoyed reading it.

Cool Dude

Lived in London since 2003, it's alright I suppose.

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