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Posted: Monday the 11th July 2005 at 21:04

Good or bad area

Hi. I'm an Icelandic female and I'm moving to London. I am wondering, since I'll be living alone what areas I should avoid. I'm thinking about moving somewhere near Kennington or in the center of London. Can someone tell me if these areas are considered safe or not?

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th July 2005 at 10:26

As far as I know Kennington isn't a very nice area. Have you looked at areas like Clapham, Islington, Notting Hill/Bayswater, Fulham? Although more expensive I'd say these areas will be safer.

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th July 2005 at 17:08

Hello mks76,

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Different people will have different opinions on which areas are safer than others for various reasons.

What we'd suggest is that you visit London and have a look around the areas you are thinking of living in. If you have an idea of the area you'd like to live in find the tube station walk around a bit and see how you feel. Most people can tell immediately whether or not they feel safe in an area.

We'd suggest these as good places to start looking, it obviously depends on your budget and expectations.

St John's Wood, Notting Hill, Kensington, Chelsea, Clapham (Common or South), Bayswater, Fulham.

Hope that helps,
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