High travel costs

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Posted: Wednesday the 24th August 2005 at 06:55

High travel costs

I'm on a low income and I find it really difficult to get out of London due to costs. Recently I visited some friends in Ware, Herts and the return fare was £11, which is a lot considering it's barely an hour outside London. I now have to seriously consider a trip to Brighton as the fare there has gone up to £16 return. Getting to Glasgow (where my family live) is now £99 by train! Given the need to reduce road pollution, and the small size of the UK generally, shouldn't we be making rail travel more accessable?

Victoria Barnett
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Posted: Wednesday the 24th August 2005 at 08:13

Have you thought about one of the rail cards they have available, I'm not so sure off the top of my head about all the options but what I do know is that there are good options available for students, young people and families.

Also you may find that if you book your ticket in advance the price does tend to come down. As for the journey to Glasgow it is actually a monopoly so you are bound to get some ridiculous prices! Have a search through the prices with the low cost airlines, last time I checked flights up to Scotland were well priced.

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Posted: Friday the 6th January 2006 at 23:43

I really find it utterly ridiculous of the travel fees to London. London is meant to be a city of life, a city where people can enjoy going their freely. I mean, ok, you want to reduce the congestion hence you get the congestion charge. But do you really have to go and increase the travel fees? I mean, do you honestly want London to become a ghost city after a while??
The travel fees are overly charged... a lot of people cannot afford to pay this price especially for young teenagers when they have no income and no allowances. This is also difficult say,for, a family of 4 to go into London, I mean they don't even do family tickets anymore.
I say it's a scheme to squeeze more money out of us. It's not as if we don't pay enough tax.
It's Pathetic really.

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