London tube - to walk or not to walk

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Posted: Friday the 2nd September 2005 at 17:10

London tube - to walk or not to walk

With all the bomb scare, 'cattle class' syndrom (overcrowding and no air contidioning) and extraorbitant prises on London underground system there is something worth considering - walking. A number of stations are in fact a lot closer in real life than they appear on the map.

Every year thousands of tourists descend onto the Underground at Covent Garden for the one stop journey to Leicester Square, without realising that these two neighbouring stations are the closest together on the entire network, only 250 metres apart.

It's possible to walk from one to the other at surface level in three minutes flat, whereas the tube journey takes at least five minutes even in perfect conditions (2 minutes down to the platform via the lift, 35 seconds on the train and 2½ minutes back up via the second longest escalator on the network).

Here are a few other 'touristy' stations that are surprisingly close at street level, and the actual tube journey times between them:

• Bayswater to Queensway (220 metres apart) - 14 minutes via Circle and Central lines

• Regents Park to Great Portland Street (220 metres apart) - 17 minutes via Bakerloo and Circle lines

• Euston to Euston Square (300 metres apart) - 22 minutes via Victoria and Circle lines

• St Pauls to Mansion House (400 metres apart) - 25 minutes via Bank/Monument

Many other overcrowded stations (all within 500m walk):

Bond Street - Oxford Circus

Hyde Park Corner - Knightsbridge (for Harrods museum)

Covent Garden - Tottenham Court Road

Piccadilly Circus - Leicester Square

Charring Cross - Embankment

Eustone - Kings Cross St Pancras

St Pauls - Barbican

Lancaster Gate - Paddington

Goodge Street - Holborn

and many more:

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