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Posted: Sunday the 20th January 2008 at 22:56

Commuting Survey

Hi there!

Please could you help me and take part in my survey, it shouldn't take as long as my guide time but i had to over estimate.

The Commuting Experience and Psychological Flow

Information for Participants

My name is Daniel Phipps and I am a third year psychology student from Nottingham Trent University. As part of my degree I am required to conduct a psychology research study which is an online questionnaire.

I am conducting a questionnaire study about the working persons’ daily commute to work and the types of activities people take part in on their commute, focussing on psychological flow. I am only looking at the journey to work you experienced today. I am looking at 3 types of transport in the commute; car, bus and train only. There will be questions on the conditions of the commute to work, the types of activities people take part in on their commute, feelings on how the commute went and whether people go into a psychological flow state on their commute.

Psychological flow is a mental state in which the person is fully immersed in what they are doing, characterized by a feeling of focused energy and success in the process of the activity.

All information given will be completely anonymous, therefore no contact details and names will be taken from yourself to protect your anonymity. You will need to provide a unique identifier incase you wish to withdraw your data at a later stage.

All information given will be strictly confidential. My Supervisor and I will be the only people with access to the raw data given. The data will be secured by ensuring it will not be online, and it will be password protected. I will be analysing the data given through statistical methods and using the output of this process in my dissertation.

Participation is completely voluntary.

Participants must be 18 years old or over, and are currently employed.

If you wish to proceed in taking part in this study please click on the questionnaire link. By clicking on the link you will open a web browser to the questionnaire. At this point you’ll be asked to give your consent in taking part in the questionnaire, that you are 18 years old or over and are currently in employment. Afterwards you will need to fill in the questions on the questionnaire by typing in answers and selecting the appropriate choices related to you. It will be helpful for the study if you answer every question, but you have to right to omit any question if you wish. The study should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Web link:

You have the right to withdraw the information you have given at any point, without a given reason. If you do this your given information will be destroyed and not used in the study. If you wish to withdraw your data, I can be contacted by email on In your email you must quote the unique identifier code, then I’ll be able to track down your data and delete it as requested.

If you have any complaints or comments regarding this study, then please do not hesitate to contact myself on the above email address. Or you can contact the supervisor of this research using the details below.

Glenn Williams
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Nottingham Trent University
Burton Street

Tel: 0115 848 5980

If this research raises any personal issues or causes any distress, and you wish to talk to someone about this, then you may find the contact detail below useful:

The BBC have details for help lines on an array of issues:

Web link:

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