Quiet area in Southeast London

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Posted: Monday the 11th February 2008 at 01:14

Quiet area in Southeast London


I am moving to London soon and want to find myself a quiet place to live. I will be working near London Bridge and want to be able to commute in about 1/2hour each way max. My budget is 866 GBP/month max. What areas can you recommend? Right now, my list includes:

1. the London Bridge area itself (pros: can walk to work; cons: probably not that peaceful and pretty)
2. Blackheath (pros: they say it is nice and safe; cons: is rail commute reliable?)
3. Greenwich
4. Dulwich (which Dulwich is the best?)

Any others? Which areas should I avoid?

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Posted: Tuesday the 12th February 2008 at 16:09

hi there Waving
i actually think you're on the right track already. all the areas you've mentioned are nice and i would have thought you'd easily find somewhere within budget, especially if you're happy to share. london bridge does have some really nice bits particularly near the river and it is actually surprisingly quiet especially around the weekends when all the commuters have gone home. dulwich and blackheath are much greener and more residential and area likely to offer better value for money because of the distance from the centre although bear in mind that you'll have to add a travelcard on to your monthly outgoings. greenwich is really nice, although if i'm honest i actually find parts of it a bit busy with traffic and so less nice than it would otherwise be.

best bet (as ever) is just to have a wander around each of the areas to get a feel for them... don't think you'll go too far wrong whichever of those you pick though...good luck Thumbs Up

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