Burlesque themed night

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Posted: Saturday the 12th April 2008 at 13:34

Burlesque themed night


I am arranging a hen do in london for 26th july but am having a nightmare finding what is actually on at some of the best burlesque style bars/clubs for that night...I know its still some time away but does anyone have any ideas?

Cheers, Julesey

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Posted: Tuesday the 15th April 2008 at 13:56



Have you tried the Wam Bam Club? They do Burlesque-type nights at various venues and may be worth a go? wambamclub@gmail.com

Hope you find something good Happy


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Posted: Wednesday the 16th April 2008 at 21:10

This place is fab, phone them up, they may be able to tell you what is happening there in July


Or the Soho Revue Bar is brilliant on Saturdays



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Posted: Thursday the 26th June 2008 at 16:05

Why not host your own Burlesque party? I work for a company who can provide a venue, teacher and props - we run 2 hour parties for a number of different reasons whether it be a birthday, hen party or just a girls get together. If you want more info google Burlesque Addicts and go from there. Whatever you choose to do I hope you have great fun. xx

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