18th birthday party ideas

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Posted: Friday the 30th May 2008 at 22:56

18th birthday party ideas

Hi all, my birthday is coming up in september and im starting to plan my 18th birthday party, as i dont usually celebrate my birthday's, i need some ideas to make this birthday memorable and fun.
I was thinking of maybe a club night sort of thing??
I want to invite probably around 20-30 people and DO NOT want to spend more than £150, i was thinking of hiring a band or something so maybe £200??Slightly Confused

I definately would like some help and ideas please, so any input is welcome. I would primarily want to do something close to north london or central london. Waving

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Posted: Monday the 9th June 2008 at 12:48

Why don't you just hire a table at a club? You sometimes have to pay a bit for this but depending on what weekday and where you go, shouldn't exceed your budget...you may even get a bottle of bubbly thrown in if they know it's your b-day!

Try places like babble, loop, motion or sway - they are all central, nice and easy-going music and pretty good value for money.

Hope you have a great time!

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Posted: Thursday the 26th June 2008 at 16:00

Hey! I work for a company who host Pole Dancing and Burlesque Parties if you fancy something a bit different. We can accommodate 20-30 people at a time depending on which venue you would like. If you want any further info then just let me know. We have venues in Soho, Farringdon, North London, Bethnal Green, Walton on Thames - or we can always come to you if you have a favourite venue in mind.

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