Back the bloody bid

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Posted: Tuesday the 3rd May 2005 at 21:12

Back the bloody bid

Don't know about anyone else but I'm getting sick of seeing this everywhere.

Still, at least there's only 63 days left until the decision. I'm not bothered if we do or don't win, I'm just sick of seeing "Back the bid" everywhere.

Angry Happy

Lived in London since 2003, it's alright I suppose.

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Posted: Wednesday the 4th May 2005 at 23:51

I'm afraid to say I'm with you on this one.

What do people think is going to happen if we get it? It wont be the answer to everyone's prayers.
Bloody bandwagon jumpers!

You see how fast people start complaining about "all the bloody tourists" in 2012.
"The tube's packed I can't get to work"
"All the bars are packed I can't get served"
etc etc

You just watch!

Danny Darko
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Posted: Thursday the 9th June 2005 at 17:00

It's everywhere isn't it?! Angry

"ooh now we're level pegging with Pais"
"ooh now New York might pull out"

I don't wanna come over all chav, but: "bovered"

It's 7 years away. Is everyone going to get gradually more and more excited until London finally explodes in 2012?

"Bollox to the Bid" Angry Angry

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Posted: Thursday the 23rd June 2005 at 09:08

Confused hello, I'm affraid by your mind, Olympic's game are a realy good thing for London! you are so egoist when you said "pub are ful i can't get served"!! What's that?

Victoria Barnett
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Posted: Thursday the 28th July 2005 at 22:00

Lets face it, the government fails to understand the concepts of opportunity cost or cost benefit analysis. Lets hope 2012 isn't as economically sound as the dome!

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