AFL Grand Final 27th September

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Posted: Monday the 1st September 2008 at 11:20

AFL Grand Final 27th September

I will be staying the the Canary Wharf area the day of the AFL Grand Final Saturday 27th of September. We want to watch the game live in our local area. An internet search only finding the Church or Walkabout. Given that the tube wont be up and running at that early hour - any venues in canary wharf??? Thanks!!

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Posted: Tuesday the 2nd September 2008 at 00:43

Isle of Dogs.. you'll struggle unless the 5 Bells Bar in Westferry is playing it??

Best I can offer is the Camden Tup in Camden Town. Just type in Camden Tup into Google..

Its the home pub of the London Swans Footy Club so they'll be there. They're the worst team in the comp but they like to enjoy themselves so the atmosphere should be alright.

5 pounds to get in is half of most pubs in London too.. so all round .. not too bad.

Good luck!

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Posted: Tuesday the 2nd September 2008 at 23:13

Hi there! Can you let me konw if you find a place close by? Cos I live in Crossharbour and would like to also want to watch the footy over b'fast... Cheers!
(Though I've got a feeling they would really only show it over on the West-side...) Sad

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