old skool house and garage clubs.

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Posted: Saturday the 27th September 2008 at 22:00

old skool house and garage clubs.

hi every one first time on this forum , any way its my birthday soon 34 years young and i really want to take my self back in the day and listen to some old skool house and garage ,and when i say this i dont mean that kidde wharp wharp music with an mc that dont no when to shut his mouth and let the music play , im talking about a decent mc and dj to get the party pumping the last place i went was the gas club in london (a hell of long time ago) back street but before the commecrial days of top of the pops , and before the dream team went commercial any way please can someone help me and my mrs have a good night out, especially after the birth of my beautiful baby daughter, and 2 older kids that drive me mad lol.

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Posted: Tuesday the 7th October 2008 at 17:11

Not into that scene at all so can't really give advice, but my mate did mention that Bar Rumba can be good for house stuff if you get the right day of the week. They've had a bit of a relaunch apparently and have some decent stuff.
Hope you manage a night away from the kids Thumbs Up

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