How much does clubbing etc cost in London?

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Posted: Friday the 10th February 2006 at 09:33

How much does clubbing etc cost in London?


I am (going to be) new to London and am wondering about the cost of nightlife. I am from Leeds and studied in Newcastle so have been out in those 2 places. General prices in pubs will be £2.20 a pint and clubs generally £3 a pint - bottles usually £3 as well. In some of the top clubs I would expect to pay between £5-10.

I know its pretty hard to say but what sort of prices would some of the clubs be charging drinks wise? The type of clubs I like, I have to admit, are stylish clubs - like the bar lounge type ones, as I'm more of a talker...not a dancer!

Also if people could suggest a few of the best ones...


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Posted: Friday the 10th February 2006 at 10:40

Hi Andrew,

Well that’s definitely a tough one because the wonderful thing about London is the immense range of venues and establishments.

If your thinking clubs there is VERY wide range and its not always you that you get what you pay for, there are some great venues at reasonable prices such as Moonlighting (, a great little find in the heart of Soho which offers a great lounge and dance floor with drinks as low as 60p on some nights!
Once you begin to move up the ladder there are more exclusive venues such as Kensington Roof Gardens or The Penthouse where you will find door policies far stricter (i.e. you will need to look the part), crowds more affluent and prices much higher with spirit mixers generally costing around £10, however the measures are larger.
As you’re into the stylish lounge club type I would recommend Umbaba ( its innovative design provides plenty of hangout space in a maze of chillout areas leading to a dance floor packed full of models avoiding their next day castings.

As for general bars and lounge bars what you will find is that they are all reasonably priced with drinks at £3-£5 per drink. Wetherspoons own a chain of some of the coolest hangouts in London without any sign of blatant branding, each one with their own unique image. Why not check out the clubs and bars section at why you will find full listings of venues and special drinks offers in London.

Happy Drinking! Cool Dude

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