Rollerblading in London

Interested in Rollerblading? Read our guide to this great activity in London.

Rollerblading - that's the type of skating that involves four sets of wheels on each boot, but in a straight line- none of this namby pamby '50s rollerskating, its more akin to iceskating on tarmac, but with wheels of course. Rollerblading requires balance and is a great source of exercise, but it certainly isn't close to the monotony of running along on a treadmill.

You can rollerblade in most parks and along the street, with anyone you want. Then once you've mastered the basics of not falling over, and going in a straight line, it's a real breeze and you can get into some more advanced techniques.

Balance, Fitness and Fun

Rollerblading is great at improving your balance, as that is one of the key steps to mastering this skill after that all you need is a little bit of head steam to give you a push forward. And of course some interesting scenery or company to draw you along.

Rollerblading's fun and rewarding, and it can be done for a number of reasons. Simply to get from A to B faster, for the fun of it, for exercise, for the street cred (if you get that far) it can even be mastered as a real skill or a method of dancing. Whatever takes your fancy. You can go it alone, or go with a group of friends.Are you a beginner? Want to try it out?

If you're a complete begineer with no background in ice skating or rollerskating, you're probably going to want to gear up - shoulder pads, knee pads, a helmet and gloves - falling down is the first step to standing up and rolling forward, accidents will happen; so protection is key. Gloves may not seem the most obvious piece of equipment but they'll will help you avoid grazed hands, as the natural reaction when falling down is to put your hands out in front of you, so it's a wise to protect them.

Places to Rollerblade

My friends and I used to go rollerblading all the time in Hyde Park, it's a great place to do so, as there are no cars, lots of space, and the paving is generally flat, rather than the street pavements of London which can be quite bumpy and uneven; not too great for a fledgling begineer.
You can even take lessons within Hyde Park, if you've ever visited on a bright weekend you'll have probably noticed people skating around near the Serpentine. Look up for some lessons.

Getting Kitted Out and Hiring Equipment

If you want to hire out skates and glide round Hyde Park then Club Blue Room is an excellent place to start , with great deals on rentals including all the protection you need. It's just at the end of Edgware Road near the Odeon Cinema. Lillywhites is also an easy place for a beginner to bag some skates. Decathlon at the Canada Water Retail Park in Surrey Quays is meant to hold a massive selection for the begineer to the expert, if you decide you're a serious rollerblader.

Skate Night
Skate nights have become a phenomena across most of Europe and the rest of the globe. They began in Paris, skaters simply taking over the roads at night en masse, with people helping out and keeping the traffic at bay. Skate nights have been happening in London for a couple of years now too, and its a great way to meet other skaters, get to see the sights of London at night, and get around the streets of London safely.

There are loads of different skate events for you to get involved in night or day just check out London SkateIf you're interested in dancing in blades, or even old skool rollerskates then you could try out the Roller Disco near Kings Cross, either bring your own skates or hire them, although admission includes skate hire, so it might be easier to use theirs. It takes place every Thursday from 10pm - 12am and Friday 8pm- 2am, but only available for those over 18, due to the bar, proof of ID may be needed.

If you like someone's moves then go ahead and ask them if they'll teach you, especially if you notice that they're wearing a uniform. The staff'll be happy to help you figure out some new moves, so you can follow their lead, if you're new to the whole idea of dancing in skates, and feel a little intimidated by the more advanced dancers, then this is a great way to learn, and a little more exciting than skating in circles to the music.

So get skating!

Author: Emily Cracknell

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