All In London talks to Yoshinori Ishii

We talk all things fish with Executive Chef Yoshinori Ishii

Where do you source your ingredients?
Mainly locally. I source a lot of our fish from Cornwall and always go fishing with suppliers before working with them to ensure that fish is caught using “ike jime” methods which preserve the quality of the fish, as well as minimising damage to marine wildlife. I also only work with suppliers who can guarantee the fish can be served in restaurants within a day. Other ingredients are sourced from the UK, France, Scotland and Japan.

Which are your favourite London restaurants?
I recently visited Gauthier Soho which I very much enjoyed. I also like Arnaud Bignon’s cooking at The Greenhouse.

What is your favourite food to experiment with?
Locally sourced fish - the flavour of fresh fish is unbeatable.

Can you name a food that you regard as a guilty pleasure?
Game birds.

Is there an ingredient you hate using?
Old fish.

What has your most valuable experience as a chef been?
Cooking for the Emperor of Japan and the American President.

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Published Jul 4, 2012