The All In One Ultimate Restaurant List Interview: Marcus Eaves

Cooking is a science but the presentation is an art form, says the chef

Pied à Terre opened in 1991, and has been one of the capital’s most acclaimed restaurants for over 20 years. Head chef Marcus Eaves previously worked at sister restaurant L’Autre Pied; just five months after moving across to Pied à Terre in 2011 he was awarded a Michelin star.

What things does a restaurant need to do to stay successful for as long as Pied à Terre has?
Pied à Terre has been a successful restaurant for many years now. The key to that success is that we are always improving and refining what we do. We are constantly developing new dishes, searching for new products, doing whatever we can to enhance our customers experience.

What qualities does someone need to be a good chef?
To be a good chef you must be a hardworking, dedicated and passionate individual - with the ability to listen and take advice when needed.

What’s been the toughest job you’ve had in your career?
The toughest job I've had was my first sous chef position at Hibiscus restaurant (then in Ludlow). I was 22 years old and a great cook but had no idea how to manage a team or run a kitchen. Needless to say I learnt, and I learnt fast.

Have any new restaurants excited you recently?
The most exciting restaurant I've been to recently was Fera at Claridge's, simply stunning.

Is cooking an art or a science?
In my opinion cooking itself is a science but when it comes to presenting a dish it's definitely an art.

Do you have a signature recipe you can share with us?
Not so much a signature recipe, more of a basic vinaigrette recipe that everyone should have in their fridge.

Basic vinaigrette
75ml olive oil
25ml lemon oil
Pinch of salt
Pinch of sugar
1/2 clove of garlic
1 sprig of thyme
30ml of lemon vinegar

Mix well and infuse for 24 hours.

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Published Jul 7, 2014
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