The Lone Wolf of Savile Row, Adam James, reflects on his 3-year anniversary

This month marks three years of Adam James Bespoke and although it sounds a cliché, it really has been quite the journey for business partners Adam (James) and Martin Hurworth.
The Lone Wolf of Savile Row, Adam James, reflects on his 3-year anniversary picture

Adam James was founded to make British Savile Row tailoring more accessible and affordable to every type of professional, demographic and fashion focused individual.

A clear business objective was set from the very beginning, which was to expose Savile Row stereotypes and to give customers an opportunity to experience bespoke tailoring at ease and with confidence. Which ironically was the same sentiments of Adam’s business partner Martin Hurworth, who spent years trying to find a tailor he could have every confidence in, prior to meeting Adam.

The partnership between Adam and Martin is incredibly special and together they have built Adam James Bespoke to be what it is today - one of the most exciting and honest British tailoring providers to come from this century – the proclaimed Lone Wolf Of Savile Row as hailed by the London Economic. So as another business landmark is celebrated, Adam and Martin have looked back on their achievements and open up about the future of tailoring, and most importantly, divulge in to future plans of Adam James Bespoke.

Adam said: “It feels overwhelming even thinking about the last year and how bleak things were looking at the start of it, not just for us but for so many due to the pandemic. That being said, over the course of the last 4-5 months there’s been a transition that has been really exciting for Adam James. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved, and to hit our third year of business after all that we’ve faced is a really strong and humbling position to be in.”

When the peak of Covid-19 hit and the nation were told to stay home, Adam James Bespoke was in the middle of building huge momentum. Meeting with new clients was a weekly, sometimes daily occurrence, he was receiving interest from a global clientele and his existing customers were wanting to come back for more. Refusing to let this motion stop, Adam remembered the challenges he faced in the early days of business and the reason why he does the job that he loves – everything has always been and will continue to be for his clients.

Adam reflects, “When I think back to my first ever client, it was a week after I set-up and the hottest day of the year, the combination of the heat and my first fitting really did make me hot under the collar (forgive the pun), but once I got to work I’ve never looked back. My approach hasn’t changed from that first day, I still have the same personal touch, it’s who I am, and hopefully one of the things my customers take away from our meetings.”

Aware of the importance of preparing for the future, Adam reflects on what’s to come in the next 12-months: “The future of Adam James is looking bright, we’ve extended the team, collaborated with new suppliers, I’m working on a womenswear collection and building my vegan and sustainable range.”

“Recently somebody said to me that ‘in life you should have three people with you on your professional journey – a loyal accountant, a trusting solicitor and a good tailor’ and it’s stuck with me. I want to work with clients who we can go through life with together, there’s scope for my clients to meet one another for business and I want to work with young aspiring business leaders who are looking to progress their wardrobe as much as their career.”

“As a brand we’re now working with the right people and people are wanting to work with us. My business partner Martin has always encouraged me to try new things, and that confidence he has shown in me is how I am with my customers. I’m looking forward to the future and thank all of our clients and suppliers who continue to support us on this journey.”

The other poignant individual in the Adam James Bespoke machine, is Adam’s business partner and mentor, Martin Hurworth. Martin knew from the very first meeting with Adam that he had something special, so in true form to his nature, Martin has encouraged and transformed Adam’s mindset ‘to give Adam the confidence to be Adam’.

Martin said; “I met Adam a few years ago when I needed a suit, he was working at a popular retailer in central London and was booked for my fitting. At the time I was MD in a business that was rapidly growing and I wanted to reward myself with a suit that would fit my larger thighs and small waist – not as easy as it sounds.”

“Adam was an intriguing character, I found him fascinating, but most of all he was incredibly talented. We had very little in common, yet in true Adam style we forged a friendship and at my next appointment he had remembered all there was about me, everything that was discussed at our first meet, and offered the most incredible customer service that made me feel special. The total opposite to the previous bespoke suit I had made in the far East. That process felt incredibly unpersonal and detached to say the least.”

Martin, who is a scale-up leader & business mentor, knows the importance of self-belief, determination and the process of bringing someone or something to triumph. He said, “Adam moved to a new employer and I followed him to create me another suit, however, it was obvious that Adam had outgrown the roles he was in and mentioned how he was looking to set-up on his own. After a couple of conversations I realised he was wrestling with both business and the client aspect, and it became apparent that a partnership was the perfect and most organic thing for us to do. Being at the time, Adam’s target audience, and having experience of bespoke tailoring, we formatted a strategy that allowed me to guide Adam through the business elements, as well as encourage him to shine at what he does best.”

With the modern marketplace being customer driven, and most industries feeling saturated in choices, Adam and Martin set clear objectives to stop the need to fight for customers’ business. Afterall, it’s not only product and price that companies must compete on, but excellent customer service too.

Martin said, “From the very beginning of our partnership the emphasis has been on our customers, exploring what’s special about Adam and the brand. Time being the key word as it took time to get ourselves in a good place, but we never adjusted our mindset and the results over the last year, even under the most unique circumstances, have come out on top.”

Looking in to the future Adam James Bespoke want to keep their relationships with current clients, whilst building and growing their network and the education around British tailoring. Adam James Bespoke don’t want to, and never will, lose the personal approach, ‘it’s very special’ said Martin. Martin continued, “Adam and I have designed the business to guide customers through their wardrobe. It is an organic and warm partnership and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. Thank you to everybody who is with us on this journey.”

Published Oct 28, 2021
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