Don't forget to stretch... it's the London Marathon.

The world's best-loved street marathon is back bringing another chance to see some of the world’s top athletes and those putting themselves through their paces for good causes.

For most runners it is the spectators and entertainers around the Flora London Marathon course that help to keep them on the move. Crowds of around 1/2 million line the 26.2 miles offering shouts of encouragement and congratulations. Pubs on the route link up with charities to provide their own entertainment for spectators and runners alike.

The festival atmosphere is added to by an array of bands and street entertainers - the Race offers something for everyone, young and old, running or not running - it is a 26. 2 mile long street party.

Even if you're not running, turn up on the day to lend your support and enjoy the day's fantastic atmosphere.

We don't know a thing about running a marathon... used to eat a lot of them, but would struggle to run 26 metres let alone 26 miles... so good luck to everybody that's trying to make it around the course. For all the information on the event from the official source visit: London Marathon Official Website

Published Apr 15, 2005