All In London launches new section: “The Knowledge”

All In London is proud to present a new section of the website which endeavors to answer any and every London-related question with the help of All In London staff, a panel of industry experts… and 7 million Londoners!

The goal of “The Knowledge” is to provide answers to any question related to London. So whether you are looking for carparking near Stanmore Tube Station, a lost neighbour, information on the progress of London’s tram system plans, the best London festivals to attend this year, a lost pet or for the most romantic restaurant in London to propose at… you’ll get all your answers with The Knowledge!

The new section can be located by clicking the red “Forum” tab at the top of All In London. Here you are able to post your own topics if you are on the hunt for London information, or browse the topics already listed and help others with their questions by taking a minute to offer what you know about London.

As well as the users of All In London, we also have members of the All In London Q&A Team on hand to help answer London queries; and in addition we have a panel of industry experts who are kindly lending their time to the project to offer what they know about the capital: such experts include university lecturers, fashion designers, environmentalists and entertainment pundits.

As well as satisfying information queries on The Knowledge you are also able to share your opinions through discussion in the various sections. For example many local councilors and MPs have said that they will be using The Knowledge to gauge political feedback and give them a facility to examine what Londoners are actually talking about and what’s important to them. So if you’d like to get your view across or if you have a gripe about living in London what better arena to share it in than The Knowledge – you know people will be listening!

The Knowledge is constructed using bespoke software developed by the All In London team which allows unique features that you will not find in other forum platforms. For example you are able to attach images to first posts allowing people to get a flavour of what you are talking about. This feature works to great effect in the “Guess Who I Saw Today…” section where you can post information on celebrities that you’ve spotted around the capital… and even better, if you have a photo of them that you’ve taken we can attach it to your post.

It is All in London’s aim for The Knowledge to become the destination for all London-related queries.

Got a question? Struggling to find an answer? Give The Knowledge a go.

Click the link below to take a look...

Published Apr 20, 2005