We meet Egg LDN's techno-leaning resident DJ Kyle E

Kyle chats to us about his world travels, current residency and gives advice for budding DJs...

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Egg London
200 York Way N7 9AX
Watching his older brother's involvement in the grime scene gave Kyle a taste for music while still in his teens. It was filling in for a no show DJ, however, while working at Egg doing sound and lighting that gave him his big break.

Impressing behind the turntables straight away, he immediately seized the opportunity with both hands. From touring Brazil alongside Anderson Noise to guesting on Christian Smith's Tronic Radio Show, playing the final ever Trade to becoming A&R for Egg London's forthcoming label, Kyle has shown his techno-leaning tastes resonate with a crowd.

Furthering his position as Saturday night resident, he's moved into production, releasing 'Illusion' on Familia Records last year. In a sign of his growing stature, this track was picked up and signed to John Digweed’s ‘Live On South Beach’ compilation. With a live show in the works, expect more music very soon.

Currently ensconced at Egg LDN, one of the UK’s pivotal dance music beacons, you’re leading from the front as their resident DJ.

To kick things off, tell us a little bit about how you got involved with Egg LDN. Was a residency there always a goal for you?

I've been working at Egg London now for 8 years doing different roles throughout the club including lighting, sound, production and now I’m a Resident DJ. I wouldn’t say it was a conscious goal - it just seemed to happen at the right time and I'm really happy to play nearly every week at the venue.

What makes the vibe there so special at Egg Ldn and can you tell us about your favourite set there and or any particular parties or events you like playing at?

I think because we have a musically educated but open-minded crowd it means I can really push myself to the limits in terms of what I play which helps create a great vibe. However none of this would be possible without a great team of people working in the venue.
As for my favourite set, I really enjoyed last week actually playing on New Years Eve. I’m always looking forward.

Can you tell us about the first time you were asked to play there and how did you ensure you got noticed?

I covered for a DJ that didn't play and my set went down really well. I knew the sound of the club and had the music so it really flowed from the start.

Now over 3 years into your Egg London residency, what’s your secret in a world where sometimes a residency may only comprise of a few months and a small number of dates? Any advice for budding DJs?

I think it's around 4 years I’ve been a resident DJ now and I play most Saturdays and take a couple weeks off before the Egg London birthday in May. I think being able to be current and provide fresh music that I believe in helps keep a contemporary sound. My advice for newcomers isto work hard and don't compromise your artistic vision.

With such a diverse range of headline acts visiting on a regular basis, what can you tell us about your approach to your sets?

Just play some good music, keep with the flow of the night but feel the crowd and see what direction they take you.

What are the key ingredients for controlling the dance floor to optimum effect?

Working with the sound engineer on frequencies,and at Egg London we are lucky to have a team of great sound engineers. Also overall volume is a thing that I think is underestimated and sometimes turning down the music a couple decibels for a few tracks and then coming back in louder with a big track can make a really big impact.

Can you please tell us about your studio endeavours and your releases already out there - what are you most proud of and why?

I spend most of my time in the studio making edits of tracks for my sets or working on new music. I liked my last real rEP elease on Familia and I’m looking forward to putting something out on the new label What Came First. I'm also working on a project with Egg London resident, Ireen Amnes which should be coming out in a couple months.

Is there anyone you look up to as an example of a good resident DJ and is there anyone you particularly follow and why?

I really think Jonty Skrufff & Fidelity Kastrow of Sisyphos in Berlin are examples of good residents. They are able to take a sound out of a club and bring it to you.

Do you have any venues, parties or festivals that you’d love to tick off your To Do list and why are these so special?

I would love to play in Tokyo again.

What’s the finest record you have ever played at a gig and what was the crowd reaction like?

Over the last 6 months I’ve really been enjoying Rex the Dog’s ‘Teufelsberg’

Before you sign off what are your upcoming plans for the next few months?

Music, music, and music.

Current Hot 10

1. ‘Silent Shout’ - The Knife
Would love to see these guys live. Apparently it’s some crazy kind of dance show so maybe one day.

2. ‘Travel In Mind’ - Moerback feat.WYAD
Out of this world track with a great sample.

3. ‘Devils Elbow’ Max Cooper Remix - Nick Warren
I think Max Cooper is a genius

4. ’Dreams of A Solo’ Trevino Remix - Roberto
Enjoyed everything Trevino put out last year 10/10

5. ‘Isbjorn’ - Akzidenz Grotesk
A classic and I wonder what ever happens to this guy.

6. ‘Submerge’ - Andre Galluzi (Ovum)
The perfect groove

7. ‘Lady Science’ - Soul Capsule
I forgot about this for a minute and found it on a old hard drive. I love it.

8. ‘Get It Til It's Gone’ - DJ Qu
Only for busy big room dance floors.

9. ‘The Beat’ Accapella - Sam Paganini
I use a lot of accapellas in my sets to give a little more energy to certain tracks this is great.

10. ‘Sawala Sayale’ - Theo Parrish
I love playing this over over tracks for a African/Latin feel

Kyle E is one of the resident DJs at Egg London and catch him alongside Metodi Hristov this Saturday January 7th with Ireen Amnes. Kyle E also joins the cast at Berlin Berlin with Andre Galluzzi, Okain, Ruede Hagelstein, The Sorry Entertainer, Peter Schumann, Jonty Skrufff Fidelity Kastrow and Juli.N More on Saturday January 21st 2017. All info at www.egglondon.co.uk
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