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Who wouldn't want a chat with one of London’s most in-demand performers!?

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Part of the Gold Diggers family performer Lewis G. Burton is one of London’s most in-demand performers mixing up the grotesque, the queer body and struggle with the self in a most original way.

As well as his wild club shows Burton has also been commissioned to make performance pieces for Brazilian artist Luiz Roque, French designer LouLou ReLouLou and clothing brand Cyberdog. He’s performed in Paris, Bordeaux and Berlin and at venues such as the ICA, The Barbican and The Tate Modern. Burton has also been commissioned by Adidas to turn a pair of trainers into an artwork to be auctioned in aid of LGBT charity Stonewall.

When not performing Burton can be found DJ-ing at a variety of London's coolest underground parties, fashion events and super clubs, including residencies including Berlin Berlin @ Egg London and Dalston Superstore.

So...Lewis G Burton

How would you you describe what you do?

I’m a performance artist, DJ and queen of the night.

Some of your looks look quite painful!
Pain is beauty darling. My looks can be rather uncomfortable but it’s nothing a few rum and cokes can’t sort out.

Where and when did you start performing and why does dressing provocatively and performing hold such allure for you and for an audience?
Well I started experimenting with the way I dressed and how I used my body back on my art foundation course in Newcastle and when I moved to London (nearly 7 years ago now!) I studied Fine Art and it all took off from there. I don’t intentionally dress provocatively; I’m just expressing myself and being authentic to who I am. People interpret it in different ways and people come and see me because they think I’m a freak or I’m funny or are just captivated by what I do.

For those that have never seen you perform how would you describe what you do and do you like to shock your audience?
I mean I don't go out of my way to shock any body, I can't help it if you're faint hearted! Well I do a variety different things but its all stems from the realms of camp with a dark twist. Whatever I'm doing people are usually in for a treat.

How do you come up with your outfit ideas and do you have any special designers etc?
I love drawing and doodling in my sketchbooks and then I’m very lucky to be surrounded by my wonderful friends who help me out making my ideas a reality. My friends Steven and Hannah who make up fashion collective Fecal Matter (@matieresfecales) send me bits and bobs to wear too.

How important is it for people to have the escape of clubland in this digital era?
We use online to promote club nights and parties. Doesn’t clubland and the digital era go hand in hand? The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Aren’t the majority of clubs now just people filming their friends pretending they’re having a good time to share to strangers they’ve never met before or is it all just branding? I mean rather than dancing and getting lost in the music I would much rather be scrolling through my facebook news feed…

Do you follow any other performers or club kids or artists?
No I hate them all. But I mean if I did have to pick a couple…Alexander Dodge Huber is one of my favourite performance artists and is resident at my club night INFERNO. They’re visually spectacular. OMG. I’m obsessed with Adam Leach (@_asbestos), Declan Needham (@slidfromthefabricflaps) and Lucas Tate (@_lucastate) they’re EVERYTHING.

Lastly! What look have you got lined up for Gold Diggers on May 5th at EGG LDN?
If I told you I would have to kill you.

Hosted by Laurence Malice and Rosemary Turner, Lewis G Burton heads up the performers and hosts at Gold Diggers: Egg LDN 15th Birthday Edition from 2pm onwards for a drinks reception in the Terrace Garden and the Loft. Joining in the fun alongside are Bambi Blue, Cain Jennings, Cynth Icorn, Luke Harris, Ray Noir, Kassandra Powell, Katrina Darling, Kokaine Tyson, Marnie Scarlet, Polish Fashion Mafia and Door host, Chrissy Darlin. DJs include Jeffrey Hinton back 2 back Princess Julia, Fat Tony, Tafkanik, Joe Roberts, Nic Fisher, Fannar, Dorothea, Strawberry K, The Roustabouts, Alejandro Gocast, Dennis Da Silva and Rodger Sky. Join in the fun for free by adding your name to the Guest List here.

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