London businesses - share your COVID-19 updates

Are you open/ closed/ providing special services? ... let us help you get your information out.

As London and the rest of the country sails into unprecedented waters we're all trying to navigate the difficulties ahead as best we can. Some businesses are able to remain open, some are having to temporarily close, some are limiting their opening hours, some are providing additional services such as local deliveries.

Open/ closed/ reduced service/ increased service... people are looking for your business - let them know how your business is responding.

Here's how you can get your information out to everyone using our free service:

- search for your business on All In London
- on your business page, click the red "Edit" button
- click the "Add details, pictures, offers" button in the pop-up
- on the next page click the red "News" button at the top
- add your updated info and "submit news"

We'll get it displayed on your listing on All In London and send it out to all of our social followers.

We'll always do whatever we can to support London's businesses, big and small.

Stay safe.
(And good luck finding bog roll.)
Added on March 18, 2020


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