All In London's response to COVID-19

We're doing our best to keep you going!

We cannot escape COVID-19 and the disruption it's causing across London and the rest of the UK; nearly every aspect of life has been affected: from events, business and venue closures, attraction closures, transport restrictions and more...

What we're doing...

In an effort to keep all the information we display up to date, we are doing our best to display live updates as soon as we receive them: this includes details about cancelled or rescheduled events, business closures or even businesses providing additional services such as grocery deliveries to the vulnerable or event organisers arranging online alternatives. You will see these updates clearly on the event/ business/ venue pages themselves.

We're working as fast as we can

Our readers will appreciate that news is updating very quickly and there's a lot to get through, so if you are using the information on our website pages to make any kind of arrangement, please verify its accuracy using the official event and venue web-links and phone numbers displayed on the relevant pages.

Thank you. And stay safe.

The AIL Team
Added on March 24, 2020


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