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Islington is in the borough of Islington, click the links to see other regions.
When people mention Islington, they are often actually referring to the London Borough of Islington which is one of the most popular inner city regions for both visitors and residents. Many individuals will visit Islington purely to enjoy the range of antique shops that are considered amongst the best in the capital.

Up until the 1980s, Islington experienced a period of decline and poverty; however, this changed as people realised that the region offered both space and proximity to the City. The well built townhouses became gentrified and Islington is now considered one of the most coveted regions of London by both residents and visitors alike.

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Motivational Wall Hangings
Drink Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, King's Cross
Johanna Melvin Exhibition
William Road Gallery, 7-9 William Road, London

Free Yoga And Coffee With Little Creatures Brewing
Little Creatures, 1 Lewis Cubitt Walk, Kings Cross, London
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Bar + Block
The Parcel Yard
The Forge
La Patagonia

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Diwana Bhel Poori House
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St Pancras Grand
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Local Shops

Clothes & Fashion [111 businesses listed]

Food & Drink [559 businesses listed]

Health & Beauty [321 businesses listed]

Home & Garden [219 businesses listed]

Shops & Amenities [495 businesses listed]

Taxis & Transport [58 businesses listed]

Shopping Streets

Albion Walk [1 shop]
Alwyne Villas [1 shop]
Ardleigh Road [4 shops]
Arlington Way [1 shop]
Balls Pond Road [71 shops]
Balmoral Grove [1 shop]
Barnsbury Road [13 shops]
Barnsbury Street [7 shops]
Baron Street [15 shops]
Bentley Road [8 shops]
Benwell Road [3 shops]
Berners Road [3 shops]
Blundell Street [1 shop]
Brecknock Road [16 shops]
Brecnock Road [1 shop]
Brewery Road [2 shops]
Bryantwood Road [1 shop]
Bunning Way [1 shop]
Caledonian Road [280 shops]
Camden Passage [17 shops]
Camden Road [4 shops]
Campdale Road [3 shops]
Canonbury Lane [2 shops]
Canonbury Place [3 shops]
Canonbury Road [2 shops]
Cardwell Road [2 shops]
Chapel Market [114 shops]
Charlton Place [3 shops]
City Garden Row [1 shop]
City Road [3 shops]
Clare Lane [1 shop]
Colebrooke Row [1 shop]
Conistone Way [1 shop]
Copenhagen Street [12 shops]
Corker Walk [3 shops]
Cropley Street [11 shops]
Cross Street [12 shops]
Culford Mews [2 shops]
Digswell Street [1 shop]
Downham Road [1 shop]
Duncan Street [3 shops]
Durham Road [5 shops]
Eagle Wharf Road [3 shops]
Englefield Road [5 shops]
Essex Road [110 shops]
Euston Road [46 shops]
Felton Street [2 shops]
Gaskin Street [2 shops]
Goswell Road [1 shop]
Graham Street [1 shop]
Green Lanes [1 shop]
Halliford Street [3 shops]
Hemingford Road [2 shops]
Hermitage Road [1 shop]
Hertslet Road [1 shop]
Highbury New Park [1 shop]
Hillmarton Road [2 shops]
Holloway Road [4 shops]
Hornsey Road [74 shops]
Hornsey Street [1 shop]
Islington Green [6 shops]
Islington High Street [34 shops]
Islington Park Street [1 shop]
Junction Road [1 shop]
King Henrys Walk [9 shops]
King's Cross Bridge [1 shop]
Kingsbury Road [1 shop]
Liverpool Road [38 shops]
London [1 shop]
Mackenzie Road [4 shops]
Maryland Walk [1 shop]
Medina Road [2 shops]
Mildmay Park [5 shops]
Mortimer Road [1 shop]
Murray Grove [23 shops]
Nelson Terrace [1 shop]
New North Road [19 shops]
Newington Green Road [55 shops]
Nile Street [11 shops]
North Road [3 shops]
Northampton street [1 shop]
Northchurch Road [4 shops]
Northdown Street [3 shops]
Offord Road [7 shops]
Old Street [1 shop]
Omega Place [1 shop]
Packington Square [2 shops]
Pancras Road [1 shop]
Parkfield Street [29 shops]
Parkhurst Road [2 shops]
Parr Street [1 shop]
Penton Street [17 shops]
Pentonville Road [59 shops]
Percival Street [1 shop]
Poole Street [1 shop]
Prebend Street [2 shops]
Providence Place [1 shop]
Provost Street [3 shops]
Queensland Road [1 shop]
Randells Road [4 shops]
Rheidol Terrace [1 shop]
Ritchie Street [3 shops]
Rodney Street [1 shop]
Roman Way [2 shops]
Rosebery Avenue [1 shop]
Seven Sisters Road [93 shops]
Shepherdess Walk [1 shop]
Shillingford Street [3 shops]
Southgate Road [31 shops]
St John Street [1 shop]
St John's Way [1 shop]
St Paul's Road [1 shop]
St Pauls Road [1 shop]
St. Albans Place [5 shops]
St. Pauls Road [17 shops]
St. Peter's Street [6 shops]
Stamford Road [2 shops]
Thane Villas [1 shop]
Theberton Street [5 shops]
Tollington Park [1 shop]
Tollington Way [2 shops]
Tolpuddle Street [5 shops]
Tottenham Road [4 shops]
Tufnell Park Road [4 shops]
Upper Street [236 shops]
Vestry Street [3 shops]
Wenlock Road [1 shop]
Westland Place [1 shop]
Wharf Road [2 shops]
White Conduit St [1 shop]
White Conduit Street [13 shops]
White Lion Street [12 shops]
Whitmore Road [6 shops]
Wynford Road [1 shop]
York Way [39 shops]

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