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Located in inner city London, Vauxhall is part of the London Borough of Lambeth. The history of Vauxhall is somewhat uncertain as there is absolutely no mention of the district in the Domesday Book. Even today, there remains some confusion, as the Vauxhall Parliamentary Constituency also contains large parts of Brixton and Clapham.

It is believed that Vauxhall became known as a district in its own right thanks to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, established during the 18th century.

Vauxhall is now a vital transport link for Central London. The district, however, was destroyed during World War Two and has never really recovered as a prominent residential district. For this reason, Vauxhall remains, for most people, a transport location and not particularly somewhere to stay or live.

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Cheese, Meat, Vegan boards & Wine Night
Faith’s Place Bar at Vauxhall City Farm, 165 Tyers Street

Starts: 09/03/2024
Ends: 09/03/2024

Holes by Anna Perach

Starts: 01/02/2024
Ends: 28/04/2024

Haydn's Creation with Dance
St John's Smith Square

Starts: 07/04/2024
Ends: 07/04/2024

Spies, Lies and Deception
IWM London

Starts: 29/09/2023
Ends: 14/04/2024

Kate-Lois Elliott: How To Belong Without Joining A Cult (WIP) @ A Pinch Of VAULT
Sino Thai, Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London

Starts: 02/03/2024
Ends: 02/03/2024


Starts: 22/08/2023
Ends: 31/12/2024

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