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Waterloo refers mainly to London’s Waterloo Railway Station and the area immediately surrounding the station. Waterloo is a vital thoroughfare for most commuters from the South and is situated conveniently in the London Borough of Lambeth, within Zone 1.

Waterloo was famously named after the Battle of Waterloo; recently, a French politician attempted to demand the renaming of the station as they felt it was unfair on French visitors using the Eurostar terminal!

Today the area surrounding Waterloo is particularly popular with tourists and those looking for convenient housing within close reach of both the city and the mainline services to the south.

Going out in Waterloo

What's On in Waterloo

Kate-Lois Elliott: How To Belong Without Joining A Cult (WIP) @ A Pinch Of VAULT
Sino Thai, Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London

Starts: 02/03/2024
Ends: 02/03/2024


Starts: 22/08/2023
Ends: 31/12/2024

Chopin & Champagne by Candlelight | Twelve Etudes Op.25
1901 Arts Club, London

Starts: 19/07/2024
Ends: 19/07/2024

Chopin & Champagne by Candlelight | Barcarolle and Berceuse
1901 Arts Club, London

Starts: 28/06/2024
Ends: 28/06/2024

Chopin & Champagne by Candlelight | Sonata No.3 (6:30pm/9pm)
1901 Arts Club, London

Starts: 26/04/2024
Ends: 26/04/2024

Chopin & Champagne by Candlelight | Twelve Etudes Op.10
1901 Arts Club, London

Starts: 31/05/2024
Ends: 31/05/2024

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