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44 Brixton Road
020 7587 0055
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Opening Times
Monday Open 13:00 - Closes 01:00
Tuesday Open 13:00 - Closes 01:00
Wednesday Open 13:00 - Closes 01:00
Thursday Open 13:00 - Closes 01:00
Friday Open 13:00 - Closes 01:00
Saturday Open 13:00 - Closes 01:00
Sunday Open 13:00 - Closes 00:00

Adulis serve a variety of traditional Eritrean dishes as well as wine. They also have live music and can cater for private parties of up to 50 guests upon request.

User Reviews

from London

Feb 14, 2011

I'm actually totally mindblown - as to just how unbelievably bad an experience we've just had. at Adulis. We waited an hour & a quarter just for the starter, then when the main finally came, it looked really amazing (we had ordered a vegetarian combo platter for 2). It was a big dish of injera, with at least 8 or 9 different dishes on it, possibly as many as 10. The first one i tried was tasty enough, but it seemed strange that it was only just luke warm. I tried the other dishes 1 by 1 - luke warm was the best it got - & that was only for 1 other dish. All the others were abolsutely stone cold. And I mean like straight out of the fridge stone cold. They were all tasty enough, but it just didn't seem right. We have eaten at ethiopian restaurants several times, & it seemed to be much the same type of food, but the dishes were always hot previously. We called the guy over & asked if they were supposed to be cold, & he said no, apart from 1 of them, they should all be hot. He took the plate away, & came back another 15 minutes later, with the very same plate, with the very same injera & the very same half eaten scoops of food on it. The injera, that had previously been just about at room temperature, was now completely cold. The actual dishes themselves were still only luke warm. It seemed that they had been microwaved halfheartedly 1 by 1, & that by the time they had finished, most of them were cold again. I think that as a minimum, they could have put it on fresh, warm injera, & properly heated the food through, & preferably given us fresh scoops of all the various dishes. Basically, I walked out in disgust. And instead of being apologetic, the guy started getting shirty with me. Maybe this is not how they usually are, but even if so, the one thing I can now state as a fact beyond all reasonable doubt, & QED, is that all the food they serve at Adulis comes straight out of the fridge - nothing is cooked to order. Worst meal out I can remember in recent years.

Name: Anonymous
Location: London

Mar 30, 2010

I was taken to adulis quite unexpectedly and was pleasantly surprised, it was a Friday evening, fairly busy, the service was excellent. As soon as I walked into the restaurant, the wonderful aroma of spices embodied me, the decor and ambience almost made me feel as though I had been transported to another world, It was so relaxing, my friends and I stayed longer than we had intended. It was the first time I had experienced Ethiopian food, as a vegetarian, I found the array of portions very tasty, the ethiopian bread was succulent not heavy or dry and completemented the vegetables. We also had coffee which was served in the traditional way accompanied by fresh popcorn. It was a thoroughly enjoyable finger food experience an opportunity to break bread in a truly authentic setting.

Mar 15, 2010

Went yesterday evening, after a recommendation and my other favourite restaraunt in the area being full. Was very busy for a Sunday night. Ordered the chefs selection of meat dishes, it arried quickly considering how busy it was. Unfortunatley it was very disappointing, food was cold and considering the price very small portions. Little lumps of different food, all which resembled baby food, very little meat content and all mashed up into nothingness. The whole thing was served with traditional Eritean pancakes, which were thick and heavy, and my partner thought reminded him of carpet underlay. The service was fine, if not exceptional. The food though was dreadful, actually felt quite ill after leaving. Maybe this is what Eritean food is like, but we were very unimpresses and certainly will not be returning.

Sep 6, 2009

I went with my girlfriend on a quiet Sunday afternoon, yet we was met with an uninterested attitude. The staff seemed to be uncomfortable with us being there since we are non-Eritrean. On first glance the decor is great, very authentic. The food took a little while, but when it did arrive my Injera was fridge cold. I asked the waitress to heat it and was told 'that is how we eat it'. The assorted meat chef special was a disapointment. It was a tiny portion, most of which was a vegetable gravy with a few slices of the same meat in two different sauces. Service was basic, no smiles or enthusiasm...considering it was still quiet. Would not be returning...
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