The Stockpot

British Restaurant in St James's
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5 / 10 from 18 reviews
38 Panton Street
St James's
020 7839 5142
Other Branches
St James's
Nearest Station
Piccadilly Circus
0.10 miles
Opening Summary
every day 7.00 am to 11.00 pm
we are open 364 days a year
Restaurant Facilities

Children Welcome

Booking Advisable

Established in 1958

Homemade dishes at affordable prices

Licensed to sell wine and beer

Set menu available; lunch two courses £5.95, dinner three courses £8.60

User Reviews

from London

Sep 3, 2021

My second home in 1985/86. Lovely range of food to order, very reasonably priced for the west end. Happy days! Andrew

Feb 19, 2013

it does what it says on its advertisments, good wholesome food, at very affordable prices, very happy with food quality, and service.

Location: IRELAND

Oct 28, 2011

I was a little disappointed (Oct 2011). We told them we were in a hurry for theatre but waitress forgot our two course order twice and also had to be asked twice for the bill.

Food was ok-ish - liver a bit overcooked - but what do you expect for £9 odd for two courses.Wine was palatable but only small glasses available.

Definitely 1960's nostalgia - complete with cabbage sitting in water on plate.

Jul 15, 2010

Visited Stockpot recently for early dinner. Place looked better than it did many years ago. Tables were clean and cutlery. Had the set meal. Wish I hadn't. Food came quickly but unfortunately was not hot. Roast beef was not edible. Apple pie and custard was hot and tasty but a bit suety. The wine came in a small glass but for the price I suppose it was okay. The service was terrible, very slow towards the end of the meal and staff quite unfriendly. Wouldn't go there again it was disappointing.

Aug 2, 2009

I think the Stockpot is good for what it is - simple, affordable food. Unfortunately, many years ago an ex of mine said that he tested girls by taking them to the Stockpot and if they complained he dropped them - I am a chef and I told him that if he had done that to me he would have been history. Lovely place but not my idea of a romantic dinner for two .......

May 29, 2009

The Stockpot in Panton St is a classic. I've been going there consistently for 8 months now, the food is great value, the service amazing, and they are accomodating of our considerable demands. The italian waitress, 'mumma', has to be the best in london.

I have since discovered my dad used the place in the 70s - pater loves it.

If you are looking for somewhere to take a large party, the stockpot is definitely your place.

Apr 28, 2009

Have used the Panton Street Stockpot since the 1960's always been more than satisfied till the last two months. Staff seem more concerned with chatting amongst themselves, than serving customers. So much so, I've had two incorrect bills and, once they managed to serve the starter and forgot to order the main! As far as I'm concerned Panton Street Stockpot has had it, there are others in Soho and Chelsea. Panton Street also has the WEST END KITCHEN, which I can highly recommend

Jan 22, 2009

I visit London once a year and over the last ten years I have always used and raved about the quality, service and price of the Stockpot on Panton Steet, On Tuesday 20th Feb I took two friends. OMG what has gone wrong? the place was vitually empty the food was disgusting as was the service,
Has it changed hands? something is sadly wrong I will not be going again!!

Jan 22, 2009

I went to the kings road stockpot, i have been going to stockpot for years usually in Knightbridge also kings road but havent been for a while, i was shocked with the service i ordered Lamb well done came back red raw when you cut it i felt sick the veg was undercooked the staff when you did get their attention were rude or did not understand what i was saying and then when i was ready to leave and commented about my lamb the foreign girl told me not to come back i couldnt belive it stockpot has changed more expensive and nobody cares and the staff just discuss you in their native tongue in front of you NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Nov 2, 2008

This was the first time that we visited the Stockpot, me and my family had our sunday lunch and the experience was excellent.
We were seated upstairs (very cosy ) the service was very good. From the startes to our dessert.... the waitress gave us all the attention we needed.
We will visit again.
I give this guys 10/10 for putting up with people like anonymus.Bad comments but still return for more


Oct 15, 2008

1 star is being generous!! We arrived and asked for a table for 4 (3 of us there, 1 friend joining shortly). We were pointed to a table where we were brought our menus. 15 minutes passed still no waiter. another 10 minutes, trying to get attention, even standing up! manager came over and said "we're not serving you until the 4th person has come, you're taking up seats" - he was very aggressive and rude. we said he was en route and we wanted to order now and yes he was definitely coming. we weren't even asked if we wanted a drink! the manager said he would send over a waiter to take our order. waited a further 10 minutes. still no waiter. gave up and left. will not be going back. however on a positive note, the stockpot in soho is awesome, the food is great as is ther service, will go there again, but will NEVER NEVER EVER go back here again. Rude and totally unhelpful - and the soho stockpot is cheaper!!

Sep 3, 2008

This is the rating I wonted to give

Sep 3, 2008

I have visited The Stockpot (panton Street) Three weeks ago, I am a tour operator and at Short notice I had to accomodate fifteen people . I phone to book and the person was very helpfull. We arrived and we had our reserved place immediatly (it was busy been a friday night) The atmosphere was warm ,the waitress was very polite and the food and wine was excellent. The group that I was with compared the dishes to fresh,homemade and very tasty..Wen the bill came we were even more surprised,We ask "How they can manage in the hart of London such good prices?We were answerd that it's all thank you to the customers.The waitress told us that they're celebrating there 50th birthday and that the guy wich originaly worked there 50 years ago is still around.Looking around the west end you see lots of mcdonalds and pizza places,big companies taking over small businesses and if this place has been there 50 years well done and keep it. It's now on top of my list for future references.

Aug 29, 2008

I'm only writing this because I saw a 1 out of 10!??????

Most years there's 12-16 of us who travel to London, and when we eat out in the evening, it's here. Great value, excellent, friendly quick service and good food!!!

We will be going again very soon.

Aug 26, 2008

I went here a few times for lunch quite a while ago. As long as you know what to expect i.e. a real old=fashioned cafe (almost akin to a greasy spoon), very loud and fast-moving but with really good value dishes then you won't go out disappointed. You're not going to get a top class meal for £4, but you do get a decent, hot meal served quickly so that you can easily eat and get there and back in your lunch hour.

Not sure why you'd go here for dinner - not really an evening place.

Aug 26, 2008

Visited for the first time on 25 August 2008 in the evening. The service was extremely poor. The waiter was very impatient and unhelpful with regards to selection. While ordering we hesitated for a second and he said 'why don't you just take your time and call me when you are ready' and walked off. He informed us that the fish was freshly prepared, this was not the case. The food was not very good, I had the chicken which came with potatoes that were rubbery. Vegetables were overcooked and I feared for my health when I looked at the chicken.
Once finished eating we were clearly rushed to leave with the waiter constantly approaching us asking if we wanted anything else and then bringing the bill without being asked for it.
I am definitely not a fussy eater... infact will eat almost anything but this place is undoubtedly in need of some Gordon Ramsey magic and a touch of politeness and courtesy... I will never return! you get better service in McD's.

Oct 29, 2007

Panton St "Stockpot" was an excellent, but totally unpretentious 60's style cafe - the food was simple "homefare" but good quality and quantity and the service was excellent/ very good on our two visits - quiet late pm and evening. The Set Menu plus wine set the two of us back £20 plus a deserved tip! There was plenty of choice and we could see that other dishes were up to the mark.

Certainly compared very favourably with many chains in the area with basic food at twice the price.

Oct 11, 2007

I have been to Panton Street Stockpot for over 35 years - but the service on 10 October in a none too busy restaurant was so poor as to make me very weary. No one came to clear the dishes or take our orders for deserts: when I went ask for service I was instead told my bill would come and it did. I told the waitress that we had hoped to order deserts - we received a non-understanding apology. I left with my group of 7. It'll be sad to turn my back on so many pleasant meals had over decades - but I guess Stockpot has lost its customer care ethos ... Perhaps this was a one off blunder - but we shall see ...

Feb 12, 2005

Most excellent diner that features great service and terrific dishes. The apple crumble cake with custard is simply delightful.

Stopped by twice when we were in London. Will do so again next trip.
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