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Kettner’s has lived, surviving four kings and a queen, the blitz, several booms and more than a few busts, Kettner’s has seen it all and is an integral part of the vibrant, glamorous and debauched Soho we know and love today. Originally a series of four Georgian town houses, Kettner’s was first opened as a restaurant by Auguste Kettner, (chef to Napoleon III) in 1867. Popular with deliciously colourful characters of the time including Oscar Wilde, Edward VII, Lillie Langtry, Agatha Christie and Bing Crosby, Kettner’s was renowned for hosting incredibly risqué parties. Gorgeously glamorous, Kettner’s today boasts an all day Brasserie, Cocktail and Champagne Bar and seven Private Dining Rooms available for hire. The Grade II listed building retains much of the original architecture, creating an intimate, homely feel, whilst a recent refurbishment has lovingly restored the space for a modern audience. Don your finest, (or your favourite old cardigan,) and drink, dine and revel with us at Kettner’s.

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Kettner's Brasserie
Kettner's Brasserie
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Kettners Picture
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All In London Review

Kettners can produce good food, as the packed dining room indicates

The last time I visited Kettners the food fell short of my expectations, to the point where on this, my second visit, I have merited a flustering (for me that is) apology from the chef, akin to those moments when the waiter approaches to ask how your meal is and your mouth is full of bread, which sprays out like a firework of crumbs as you try to mumble “lovely, thank you”. Anyway, on this occasion the food is vastly superior, which brings me to the debate of whether it is possible for a kitchen to dramatically improve its standards if a reviewer/blogger/critic is in attendance.

Take for instance the beef bourguignon, which has been cooked for six hours. The result is meat that falls apart immediately when touched, its delicate savouriness highlighted by salty bacon, juicy button mushrooms and sweet carrots. Another French classic, coq au vin, requires similar dedication as the chicken needs to be monitored carefully so that it tenderises. It lacks the teensiest bit of salt but the meat is soft and the buttery parsley mash soaks up the jus nicely; these are not dishes that can be whizzed up in an instant.

We also like the crunchy flavoursome green beans, the Cornish mussels which arrive in a piping hot creamy sauce with parsley and the refreshing Maldon oysters with the mineral taste of the sea. In fact our only gripe is the bread, which is so tough it has to be pulled like an elastic band to break apart.

Perhaps we should have road tested the crème brulee since last time it was so disastrous, but instead we opt for the lemon tart, a thin pastry base topped with a zesty mousse and partnered with a dollop of crème fraiche, and the alluring – new we are told – white chocolate and champagne mousse on meringue, with strawberry sorbet and a slab of milk chocolate, which combines sweet with zingy.

There is no doubt Kettners is more than capable of producing good food, hence the full dining room tonight.

Reviewed by Leila
Published on May 17, 2011

Great décor, kitchen needs some work

Kettner’s has a remarkable history. Having opened in 1867 (by the chef to Napoleon III no less), it became a favourite haunt of Oscar Wilde and Edward VIII. In more recent years the lavish décor seemed a little at odds with its embodiment of a pizzeria, but it worked nonetheless and became a Soho fixture. Despite its success the days of serving affordable dough-based meals are over, as the menu has changed dramatically to match its flamboyant interior.

Furthermore, Kettner’s have decided to add a touch of kitsch to the proceedings by hosting Chansons & Champagne every Wednesday evening in the glamorous Champagne Bar, where singers dressed in 1940s garb perform swing songs to a well-heeled audience. It’s all incredibly chic, but sadly the Brasserie doesn’t live up to Kettner’s swanky expectations as there are a number of things wrong with the food. The crotin of goat’s cheese may as well be deep fried balls of Philadelphia, while the mild sourness of roast cod is completely at odds with a bland tomato compote that manages to make the mountain of rocket it is served with taste unpleasantly bitter. A starter consisting of thin layers of smoked salmon and potato galette i.e. crispy balls of grated potato and onion is far better, and the tender fillet steak with a peppercorn crust and a delectable port and stilton sauce is also very good. Unfortunately one of the desserts is sacrilegious; the eggs in the crème brulee have been cooked too quickly, resulting in an unappetising curdled mess, and while the banofee pie is tasty it has metamorphosed into a pastry tart with a chopped syrupy banana.

The interior is delightful and the entertainment full of charm, but the kitchen needs improving, particularly seeing as a three course meal for two with wine will set you back around £120.

Reviewed by Leila
Published on May 4, 2011

Best For

Aaah! London's most romantic places picture

Aaah! London's most romantic places

Is love in the air? The let's get it onnnnn...

Opened in 1867, Kettners is an institution built on decadence. The Soho champagne bar attached to the restaurant, is the perfect escape for lovers who can enjoy the intimacy of bookable private booths. Sip bubbles behind heavy curtains and channel the extravagance of Oscar Wilde – reportedly a huge fan.

User Reviews

World Kitchen

Dec 17, 2013

I've only been here for drinks but I'm totally sold on the place. It has history, looks and champagne!

Nov 14, 2013

I've only been here for drinks but I'm totally sold on the place. It has history, looks and champagne!

We ordered a bottle and took up residence in a little snug and reached levels of romance never achieved since. Super date venue!

Jul 5, 2010

I recently booked one of Kettner's stunning private dining rooms for a surprise birthday dinner for my boyfriend and a group of friends.

We had such a wonderful fun evening - the food was delicious, I would particularly recommend the Chocolate and Amaretti Torte which is to die for; the staff were great fun and really helped us out with the whole surprise element; and the fact that you can play your own iPod in the room meant that I could ensure some of the birthday boys favourites came on!

All in all a fab evening - thanks Kettner's!!

Jun 1, 2009

Such a shame this once characterful and stylish restaurant has been ruined by the "refurbishment". What was an elegant, stylish and comfortable restaurant that always seemed busy, is now a modern, white, cold and bland pizzeria that seems quite empty even on peak nights. There is nothing to distinguish this restaurant from any number of other chain restaurants around London. The comfortable champagne bar next door has also managed to get rid of it's clientelle by replacing all the comy chairs and sofas, with an array of uncomfortable and odd shaped "designer seats".

Jun 17, 2005

This place is great - it feels like you're eating in a 5 star hotel and yet you end up paying quite normal prices. They have properly laid tables (with linen tablecloths and napkins!) and a great wine list... I was really impressed!
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