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Feb 1, 2012

I'd been to the Curry Leaf a few years back and it had been pretty decent.- I was working late last week and tried out this place once again. - I really wish I hadn't! - The service was awful, waiter couldn't even speak English, AT ALL! The drink I ordered, pineapple juice, was off! - First bad sign! - The food arrived, chicken tikka massala, which was very bland and the chicken pieces were of very poor quality, which I think is very common for low to middle quality Indian restaurants. - Ultimately, low grade chicken can be hidden within the relevant sauce. You could see that the GM couldn't give a stuff and he knew that the food was mediocre at best, and as per another of the reviews, this restaurant relies on poor mugs/tourists etc, like me, to chance it and try this place out. - There is a lot of footfall and so Curry Lead will never be short of victims. The sad thing is, as I'd said, the management simply don't give a fig about the customer service or more importantly the quality of the food. - Please avoid this place at all costs.

Jun 10, 2010

I cannot get over the unbeliveable bad service & product (in this case i use the word 'food' loosely) I had a vindaloo, far to much spice/chilli destroying the flavour of the pre-cooked chicken that was sparse in the extremely small portion i was served. My friend ordered a naan bread, what a joke, it was the size of the saucer it was placed on, ridiculously small! The icecream i had for dessert, was in what can only be decscribed as a slightly large egg cup, two pea sized portions. Then they had the cheek to charge a service charge????!!!!! PLEASE!!! The manager or the staff couldnt give a toss really, they must just rely on the fact that there will always be passing trade (like poor us) so why bother ...i wish we hadnt, nor should you if you value the above!

Jun 9, 2010

everything about this restaurant is terrible. They advertise a set menu outside, but when you go inside they dont give you that menu, only the ala carte. We had to ask for it specially. The food was tiny portions, only 4 small cubes of chicken in my dupiza, not very good, service was terrible, no one came over to check we were happy, the nan bread was smaller than a side plate, when I asked the waiter if I could have a bigger one he just said 'no'. When the bill came it already had the service added. We complained to the manager who quickly removed the service charge with not wanting to know why, like he does it regularly. After their three course meal we were still hungry. Their deser was ice cream It was two very small scoops of cheap vanilla ice cream in the bottom of a cup!!
Don't eat her, poor, poor, poor. Avoid at all costs.

Jun 9, 2010

overpriced drinks and food. Staff ignored us. The meat was tough and very little of it. My lamb was more like mutton. The sauce was too spicy but the menu didn't describe it has a spicy dish. I'm surprised that more people don't complain. We had our service charge removed from the bill - the manager didn't even argue - obviously he's used to it. Should have asked for a reduction of the food too. Don't eat here!!!!

May 12, 2010

Love them. Get take-away weekly and never disappointed. Plus, get 20% off with take-away. Chicken tikka masala is our favorite! Would highly recommend!

Aug 20, 2009

I may have made a mistake ordering the £8.95 Kerala Chicken Curry with plain basmati rice (£2.25). The chicken breast pieces were nice but the sauce was bitter and not at all spicy, the opposite of what one gets in Kerala Bhavan in West Croydon or Geeta in Kilburn. The garlics were bitter possibly, dark sauce became a bit dreary quite soon into meal. Others had the £5.95 lunch offer, which looked okay, but I noted some staffers here popping into the Pret a Manger for slimfast (SMall) sandwiches on the way back, suggesting lunch offer was tad small.
Throughout I had to watch out for waiters bumping into or backing into me, after seating the next bunch of folk in adjacent table. Not clear what that was about
The Rose wine from Spain was very good.

Aug 7, 2009

Tasty food, good choice, reasonable service, good value. Poor toilets.

Jul 5, 2009

Ordered 6 vegetable dishes all bland & uninteresting. Rice was swimming in oil and all the portions were tiny. Service was surly, particularly when refused to pay the "discretionary" 12.5% service charge. Avoid at all costs.

Jun 19, 2009

Don't get me wrong the food wasn't awful but I think it is exceptionally bad form to add service charge to an express lunch deal. Also drinks are very expensive.

There are much better places to go.

Feb 27, 2009

Food very average - pricing out of this world. £13.95 for 3 Cobra beers - £4.65 each! 2 of them taken away before we'd finished them. 13% tip added to a very overpriced bill. Service seems to mean coming round every couple of minutes and randomly trying to take away dishes that are very clearly not even half finished. It was a shocker! Do yourself a favour, go to Palms of Goa, Siam Central, Thai Metro or just about anywhere else on Charlotte Street. Horrible.

Jan 25, 2009

We booked a table for four tonight Saturday 24th January 2009. We arrived 5 minutes early, there were other empty tables for four inside the restaurant but the owner insisted we sit at the only table next to the door which was pushed against the front window. Our request to sit elswhere was rudly denied until we said we would leave. When the food arrived it looked unappetising and bland. The prawns in the prawn puree starter were shrivelled and tough seemed to have beeen preheated many times.They were served up in a watery tasteless sauce and garnished with the cheapest lettuce slivers that you get in a take away kebab. All the dishes had a very odd taste, resembling a soapy taste from a dish washing detergent. None of us were happy especially when one of our party pulled out a long black hair from her chicken biriany. When she complained the waiter did not apologise but asked to replace it. By this time none of us had the appetite to continue with our meal. We all left most of the food untouched. When we asked for the bill, they had not even deducted the dish with the hair and on top of that they had the audacity to add 12.5% service charge on top of our bill.
We all felt cheated and conned. We had never had such a bad experience in a restaurant. This place should be closed down for the shear rudness of the staff and the appalling food they serve up. It has put us off visiting restaurants such as this which supposedly serve authentic Indian food. They should remove all the good reviews from this site as it's obvious they were not placed by independent and legitimate customers. This truly must be the worst restaurant in London. If you value your health go elsewhere and avoid this disgusting establishment.


Oct 1, 2008

The two of us had a wonderful dinner at Curry Leaf last night (Tuesday).

I am some what surprised by the reviews, because all the staff were very friendly, the food is very tasty and was served without delay, even though there is a large party there.

We will go again for sure.

Aug 12, 2008

We dined here on a Monday night, so weren't surprised when only a few tables were occupied. The service was ok, without being outstanding, and the food was tasty. The tiny scoop of icecream was disappointing, even for a cheap set menu standard! Our main complaint was half our party were ill the next day after ordering a lamb dish, which didn't contain much lamb at all - it was mainly composed of onion! Definately our worst Indian dining experience.

May 26, 2008

The worst Indian restaurant I have visited. The food was terrible - I ordered a tandoori mixed grill, that seemed not to have been near a grill, but stewed to death, and then covered in some form of tikka sauce. Vegetable side dishes were little better. Service was very unhelpful and unfriendly.

May 15, 2008

My experience: Variable waiter service – some friendly/some didn’t want you to be there, bland to average taste, very small nan bread, 12.5% discretionary service charge which was eventually removed despite unpleasant resistance from waiter.
Will not be going back which is disappointing as it looks promising from the outside.

Feb 26, 2008

Dined here 30 December 2007. Appalling service. Waited 1+ for table, having been told 10 mins max. Food very average. Manager rude beyond belief. Bar covered in dirty glasses, pots etc, tables not very clean - worst indian I think I've ever been to. We were bitterly disappointed.

Jul 3, 2007

I've been to this restaurant tonight and I have to say I am surprised with the reviews so far on here.
The food was delicious; the servcie was excellent.I tried the mixed starter: I was a bit sceptical about the fish on it but the tandoori salmon was delicious as was the rest of it.I had Korai chicken as main and ordered "Saag rice" which was not on the menu-the waiter told me "chef would not be happy" about me ordering this but chef made it and it was as expected-gorgeous!One of the best places I have tried in London so far.

I can only think that these other people moaning about portion sizes should **** off and cook at home and save themselves money and the alleged dissappointment

Apr 17, 2007

My fiance and I visited The Curry Leaf on Sat 14/04/07 at 7pm. We were looking forward to a feast as the restaurant smelt delicious! The mixed platter starter was small in portion but tasty. The mains - stuffed seabass, giant prawns in spinach, curry leaf rice and peshwari naan - all small portions, had no flavour and the seabass wasn't stuffed with mince as described in menu. The peshwari naan was £2,95 and the size of a very small side plate. We shared a bottle of wine which was the best part of the meal. It all came to £68, the waiter left us with a feedback form to complete. So I filled it in and as he took our payment he argued with me over my fair comments! Unbelievable.

Nov 3, 2006

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Absolutely awful wait, (1hour plus for starter),, ame applied for drinks and other courses. Food was ok, but not much meat in the curries. 1 tiny scoop of ice cream was dessert. Was thoroughly disappointed after a good visit in the past.

Oct 26, 2006

We visited the curry leaf twice in the spring last year under the Times lunch deal. The food was excellent, and the service good. The restaurant was quiet, but I have seen it busy in the evenings. We will be booking the curry leaf for a large party in the future, so will see how the service and food portions hold out then, but it has been more than satisfactory in the past!
hungry horse

Apr 22, 2005

This is quite possibly the worst Indian meal (actually, the worst meal) I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Our party of nine booked only to be rudely told that we didn't have a table. Throughout the meal the restaurant was never more than half full (in busy Charlotte Street on a sunny Friday lunchtime...), and we realised why. Don't go if you're actually hungry, as the food is insultingly tiny (postage stamp-sized samosas), extremely miserable-looking and sometimes inedible. You wouldn't go back if you had the misfortune to dine at this place. Rude waiters, fluff in your food, food spilled on our clothes with no apology, and we were overcharged. Be good to yourself and avoi