Iranian Restaurant in Paddington
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6 / 10 from 16 reviews
6 Porchester Place
W2 2BS
020 7706 4888
Nearest Station
Marble Arch
0.30 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Tuesday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Wednesday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Thursday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Friday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Saturday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30
Sunday Open 12:00 - Closes 23:30

Colbeh serves a variety of light meals a s well as a selection of sandwiches, snacks and beverages. They also have a seating area. A takeaway and delivery service is also available.

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User Reviews

Mary Jana
from london

Jul 28, 2013

I went to colbeh with few of my friends on Friday. The food was absolutely stunning. The service was amazing and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone as it is amazing.
Mary Jana
from hyde park corner

Jul 28, 2013

The food at Colbeh is delicious and the quality has stayed the same, if not better.

The staff are very helpful and friendly which has improved the service a lot which colbeh was lacking in the past years.

Rachael Coker
from London

Jan 24, 2013

Ive come here maybe 8 times over the last 4 years & there are reasons why, its probably my favourite place in London. Yeah its small and you cant reserve tables for less than 8 (be prepared to queque) is unebelivably good and very reasonable! Fresh bread tandori just as you walk through the door & made to order. BYO accepted & no corkage & ive always found the staff to be charming. In general I dont like lamb as i find it fatty yet every time i come here i order the lamb kebab, its just that good! Keep up the good work!

Name: Rachael Coker
Location: London

Aug 13, 2012

The most terrible service I've ever received in my whole life. Staff were unbelievably rude and offensive treating us like intruders.
On the website it says it's open till 11:30PM. We arrived there at 10:30 but they said they would close in 30 minutes which we said it was fine. We wanted to sit
from NW London

May 4, 2012

I have eaten here a few times and it is my mother's favourite for the typical Chelo Dishes. We have all enjoyed the food its quality and taste. It is a good place to eat out.

Name: Ali
Location: NW London
from London

Mar 13, 2011

I have never left a review for a restaurant before but feel it is only right to leave a post so other people are warned NEVER to go to this restaurant. The service was the worst I have ever experienced, the waiters were an absolute joke!!!! They were rude and had no idea what they were doing!!! They had allot of the menu dishes unavailable as well as hot water (so no hot drinks). The food was ok (what they had left), the restaurant was tiny! The only big table they had was at the back which the refused to give to us because they used it for the only 3 waiters they had to waste time and lounge about!!! They do not deserve to operate a restaurant!!!

Name: Ali
Location: London

Aug 1, 2010

I had the most unpleasant experience in Colbeh. The staff is absolutely incompetent and very rude. They need a professional training in waitressing. Their attitude towards the client is horrendous starting from throwing menus in the table finishing with bringing bill without client asking it. All they care is quickly getting rid of you and moving on to next client.

Managers don’t have common curtsey . Instead of listening to critiques the simply start assaulting clients in front of everyone and then turn around and discuss one clients problems with rest of the people inside the restaurant.


Apr 25, 2010

the best place to go to in edgware road, i love the kebab kooobideh with rice made well done.. and the tasty salad oliveh

Jan 9, 2010

Excellent food.
Shame it's such a small restaurant, lots people waiting outside in the cold!
We had reserved table and were early but got our table at the time we had reserved.
We will definitely go back!

Jan 9, 2010

Excellent food, shame it's such a small restaurant, but we reserved table and didn't have to wait long. Would definitely go back again.

Dec 11, 2009

Food is great. Service was very casual and friendly. We loved it and would visit again next time when in London. One negative is the small capacity and sometimes waiting for a table (the place is usually busy)

Aug 13, 2009

Lets start with what was good first - Food was absolutely amazing. No complaints.
Now the bad - service was very poor. No respect to the customers. when we call to book they say they dont take any bookings and its first come first serve. when we go there they dont guarantee a table. They also speak rudely when we ask how much time we need to wait and can we put our name in the list and they dont.
I have been there once and have loved the food and that is the only reason why i would like to go there again.

Jul 16, 2009

I LOVEd the food; its small, unpretensious and reminded me of home a little bit. nothing fancy but the food is actually good. However, they do need more staff!

May 29, 2009

I went to colbeh with a friend after i read the only review about the resteurant(no reviews since 2006)!! rated 10!!! I just thought I should add something here. I will never go again. I didn't like the food at all. The service was very disappointing. Its just close to where I live.

Nov 30, 2008

Went with friends for a meal after booking. On arrival table not ready, no room to wait in the restaurant and then they tried to seat 6 of us on a table for 4. After finally getting a table big enough for all of us to sit round the food was very good. Overall experience spoilt by poor service and then having other guests waiting for a table standing and making rude comments. Were made to feel a unwelcome and pressured to leave despite good food would not reccommend.

Apr 24, 2006

The for here is wonderful. I usually eat Kabab Kobideh which can be greasy in other Persian restaurants, but here they've got it just right.

The bread is gorgeous, and you can even order extra to take home with you. They cook it in front of you in a traditional Persian bread oven. The smell will drive you crazy while you're waiting for it to come to your table.

Prices aren't bad, though there are cheaper Persian restaurents around, though the quality makes up for this.

The restaurent doesnt serve alchole, but allows you to take your own wine, so this make the meal even better value.

I would definately recommend this place to Iranians and those new to Persian food.
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