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Granary Square, 1-3 Stable Street, King's Cross, London

The Grain Store
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Bruno Loubet shows his know-how with vegetables

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Address:1-3 Stable Street
King's Cross
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Region:King's Cross
Nearest Station:King's Cross St. Pancras
About: Grain Store is the hotly anticipated new restaurant by Chef Bruno Loubet and The Zetter Group's Michael Benyan and Mark Sainsbury. Following on from the extraordinary success of The Zetter Townhouse, they have once again, joined forces with pioneering drinks creator Tony Conigliaro. The restaurant is located on Granary Square at the heart of London's most exciting new quarter, King's Cross.

There are no geographical boundaries to the influences that have inspired the eclectic menu. It's the culmination of Bruno Loubet's extensive travels and the years dedicated to his beloved vegetable patch. Although many dishes have a meat or fish element, this menu gives vegetables equal billing, if not the starring role.

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Restaurants with the best tasting menus
Bruno Loubet’s newest restaurant in the newly developed Granary Square gives vegetables centre stage. The surprise menu leaves things up to the chef and is superb value, priced at only £40 for six courses.

A guide to the bars of Regent's Canal
Grain Store is the Regent’s Canal’s only fine dining destination, opened by top chef Bruno Loubet in 2013. The French chef went against the grain here (pun intended) by making vegetables the focus of every dish – the ‘surprise’ tasting menu is highly recommended. It’s so-called because of its location a former Victorian warehouse used to store granary products.

Farm to table eating
With Grain Store Bruno Loubet decided to let vegetables take centre stage, with a mixture of foraged and locally sourced ingredients. Loubet really shows how amazing things can be done with the simplest ingredients, like his vanilla panacotta with slow-roasted cherry tomatoes.

London's most beautiful dishes
The menu at Bruno Loubet’s veg-centric restaurant changes frequently depending on what’s available, but on our visit we had a stunning edible garden composed of a pot of radishes planted in “soil” made from olives. It arrived on a tray made with bark, pine needles and two creamy mushroom croquettes.

Our favourite London venue conversions
This restaurant from acclaimed chef Bruno Loubet is located within an old Victorian warehouse that used to store wheat. Given that this was where the wheat for all of London's bakers was kept it's a pretty big building, so it's shared with art college Central Saint Martins and a restaurant from the Caravan group.

Our favourite Kings Cross restuarants
At top chef Bruno Loubet's Granary Square restaurant vegetables are the main ingredient, while fish and meat are on the side. Choose the six course 'surprise' tasting menu and try fantastic dishes like hot seaweed sushi with glazed pak choi and hake à la plancha, and a show-stopping pot of radishes with cashew and yeast dip and "soil" made from olives.

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Added on October 21, 2015

"Bruno Loubet shows his know-how with vegetables"

Review Rating: 8 / 10
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“This is the restaurant I have dreamt of opening for years and the time really feels right now. I love meat and could never give it up entirely, but the endless opportunities that focusing on vegetables allows me - the colours, flavours, layers and textures - are so exciting”. This is what Bruno Loubet told us about his latest restaurant, where vegetables take the lead and meat and fish are very much the support act.

Grain Store is in the newly buzzing Granary Square, in the same building as Central Saint Martins and Caravan. It’s vast, with alfresco space and more seats at the bar, which comes courtesy of Tony Conigliari, who also oversees the drinks at the Zetter Townhouse, where Bistrot Bruno Loubet is located. (We try a fantastically potent Granary Martini, made with mustard vodka. It’s great, but don’t expect to be able to taste anything else for a few minutes afterwards).

The décor is very warehouse chic, except that just for a change, this actually was a warehouse in a past life. Plenty of light floods in and large frames with coloured perspex hang from the ceiling, breaking up the theme. Rather than be partially exposed, the kitchen is entirely out in the open, and on the evening we visit Loubet himself can be seen hard at work with his team.

Instead of choosing from the à la carte we go for the “surprise menu” of six courses. The first thing to arrive is a plant pot of radishes with a dollop of tasty cashew and yeast dip, the “soil” is made from olives, and a thick slice of toasted potato and rye bread is spread with intensely savoury seaweed butter and foraged leaves, some of which are “oyster leaves” and lend the mixture a surprisingly briny flavour. But that’s not all - a tray fashioned from bark covered with pine needles and pine cones has two mushroom croquettes oozing hot creaminess.

The chilled lobster 'Bloody Mary’ has an awkward layer of sweet jelly, and the soup itself lacks any of the kick of its namesake. But the next course, a colourful mélange of salted watermelon, confit salmon, peach, baked beetroot, pickled onion and garlicky goat’s labneh, is tremendous, with fresh, salty, sweet, and earthy flavours marrying as naturally as eggs and bacon. In keeping with the theme, the salmon is merely fodder for the other ingredients.

Falafels sprinkled with sesame, with shelled crunchy broad beans and cucumber yoghurt, are served alongside butternut squash ravioli. Lamb belly kebabs are skewered with chunks of pickled cucumber, the only instance where we wish there was more of the perfectly fatty meat as the cucumber adds little other than bulk. It’s accompanied by roasted aubergine stuffed with mince; a second plate has a corn and quinoa tamale with almost-rare duck hearts, with the warm tastes of offal and spice.

Dessert is vanilla panna cotta with slow-roasted candied cherry tomatoes, sweet yet tangy enough to make our mouths tingle.

The six course menu priced at £40 actually lets you try 10 different dishes, which is fantastic value (with wine, cocktails and service, the bill comes to £124). Loubet's handling of vegetables and world cuisines are nothing short of masterful.

Leila reviewed The Grain Store on Mon 24 Jun 2013

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User Rating: 8 / 10
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Fabulous setting (twinkly Christmas lights all around just added to the atmosphere), friendly, un-pushy service and delicious food made for a great evening. The huge warehouse setting could make it feel cold or canteen-like, but neither is true. This is warm, industrial chic, splendid surroundings and fabulous food to boot. Vegetarians will revel in the inventive choices available :-)

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