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A secret underground basement bar which serves up truly mint cocktails
If you can mix a drink you’ve got a true talent...
Head to the West End for a night on the tiles. Literally.
Terence Conran’s East London offering has a rooftop that will instantly allow you to forget where you are.
Celtic folk, Costa Rican strings, country classics and a whole lot more.
No food tastes better than when you’ve really, really, REALLY earned it.
There are worse ways to spend an evening than sampling the finest Belgian beers and eating delicious moules mariniere.
Ever thought of heading to the pub for a spot of… life drawing?
What in the name of Bonaparte's balls is 'pétanque'?
Bounce is actually the home of table tennis. Who knew?
You're encouraged to pass go... and it may cost £200.
Legendary venue, booths and a password to get in. Who wouldn't be impressed?

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