Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Drink from an augmented reality cocktail menu

Drink and see things that aren't there...

Try parkour

And just imagine the bruises you'll be able to show off!

Eat on-trend food in a train ticket office

Two tickets to Flavour Town, please

Eat a 'Bufle' for the first time

Cronuts and Cragels are old hat...

Share your food socially (on Instagram)

Not sniffy about food selfies here

Sleep under a blue whale's skeleton

Embrace the Dino Snores...

Walk around the Old Anatomy Building

All proceeds go towards cancer research

Eat a multisensory dinner

A feast for the eyes... and tongue... and ears...

Drink at Britain's smallest rooftop pub

Head for the Gardeners Arms

Check out Soho's murder mile

Dennis Nilsen, Soho Hangman and The Blackout Ripper, they're all here!

Don't get bored of craft beer

No end to London's craft beer obsession

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