Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Burgers cooked to superstar Kelis' recipes

Apparently it's her burgers bringing all the boys to the yard

Brunch Japanese-style

Fish and rice crispies - we kid you not...

Visit a top, top secret garden

There are secret gardens... and then there's this blighter

Experience Golden Age Vienna in Golden Age London

A slice of 19th century Vienna, but without the facism

Supersize your Whopper... with a beer

Now the dream is complete

Escape the City at the John Lewis Rooftop Retreat

No, we've never knowingly understood the slogan either

Eat a Salmon Brunch at Britain’s Oldest Salmon Curers

If you like a Salmon Brunch, you voted Remain, fact.

Quaff champagne with... meatballs, not oysters

Time to get ballsy with your champers

Drink Fine Wines While Playing Pétanque at L’Entrepot

Pétanque might sound like foreign EU muck but it's good fun

Drink scandalous water, otherwise known as tea

It's a scandal, don't you know?

Eat alfresco on a BBC rooftop

At the historic home of British television

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