Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Get arty

Immerse yourself in emerging artists and cultural identity

Party at Vout O Reenees

It's cocktails and jazz...

Open Mic spoken word at the Poetry Cafe

Get on your bike to this poetic open mic

Drink healthy champagne

Is less unhealthy the same as healthy? Not for us to say.

Eat yorkshire puddings everyday

Can anyone resist... the puddin'?

Learn what the Freemasons are all about

Don't worry there's no secret handshake to get in.

Exercise your right to free speech

Visit the home of free speech and under-researched rhetoric

Eat the famous cronuts without the hefty airfare to the US

A croissant and doughnut hybrid, what will they think of next?

What's New?

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