Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Visit one of the last independent park cafes

The clock is ticking... go grab a coffee

Eat guilt-free ice cream

Eureka! It's... Yorika!

Dance the kizomba

You what? You've never heard of the kizomba?

Whisky Straight from the Barrel

Enjoy the tipple straight from the source...

Taste London’s Best Tartiflette at Herne Hill Market

Surely the high water mark of comfort food...

Learn how to make the perfect coffee at home

... with a Nude Espresso workshop

Free Comedy Mondays

If you like comedy and you like free things...

Eat Beef Stew at London’s Most Traditional ‘Caf’

London's favourite Arthur since Arthur Fowler

Take Afternoon Tea with the Prime Minister

Hob-nobbing... whilst eating hob-nobs

Talk about death

Attend a Death Cafe

Eat a ramen burger

Where two rights make an even bigger right. Right?

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