Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Foster an animal

Now a pet can just be for Christmas. Kind of.

Drink matured beer

If you're gonna drink beer - it might as well be matured

Pretend to be a gangster

Like, a real-life Bugsy Malone.

Eat Michelin-starred vegan food

Vegan food finally gets the Michelin star treatment!

Eat at a Raw Food Restaurant

Hot food is for wimps...

Fly over the water

Finally... superhero powers

Eat at a Chinese gastropub

As trendy as it is delicious

Visit a garden library

Enjoy a book, out in the open

Sip a bicycle-inspired lager

Sip... then cycle. Well, maybe not.

No Scrubs or Rave Karaoke

Get your slippers off, you're going out...

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