Things to Try

Want to impress your friends or just try something new?

Drink beer by the tank

So THIS is how you get tanked up

Lunch among headstones

A break from the norm

Fill your home with neon

Should brighten things up...

Breathe in the (alcoholic) air

So much classier than drinking, dahling...

Learn Chinese calligraphy

Impress your friends and say you're fluent

Ride in a hot air balloon

For a bird's eye view of the capital...

Classic cocktails, done right

The king of cocktails pops up at the Pond

Watch a movie with live music

The big screen accompanied by big music

Learn to stuff an animal

Rats, ready? Squirrels, ready? Let's stuff...

Bring your own cocktail spirit

A new dimension to BYO

Park in style... take a pod

More exciting than a flight

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